Silk Lingerie – Provocative Clothes, The Art of Seduction

The Silk Lingerie – Provocative Yet Nothing Wrong

Slip into a silk lingerie and the effect on the partner is noticeable. The primal instincts are awakened. Seduction begins to have its effect. The invisible power, the visual motivation, provocation, stimulation all have their telling strength. The human weakness, the weakness of all living beings.

Is it a weakness to possess the sexual instinct? It is not only a power that helps procreation but also a power that opens up a gateway of pleasure. Agreed, a pleasure that lasts only for a few moments. Yet, pleasure is pleasure and there is no living being that steps back from enjoying the pleasures of life. Silk lingerie is a human creation, an art that has telling results. A presentation that moves the physical frame of a human being to action. Silk lingerie is a stimulant.

Within the privacy of the four walls,  away from the eyes of world, which is curious by nature, the silk lingerie gives birth to a world of charm and inflamed nerves. The after effects of the stimulation might either be joyous or a situation of conflict, heartbreaks, guilt and sorrow.  The world is judgemental, vile and punishing. Society is infected with double standards. Sex is cursed as something negative but praised in privacy. Hardly anybody wants to admit the physical desires one nurtures within one’s own self, but almost everybody is ready to denounce it.  Lingerie is frowned upon in public, praised in private. Films showing sexy underwear or see-through clothing is tolerated to a certain extent, Yet, admonition is never absent.

the silk lingerie

Silk lingerie or silken clothing, exposing a very large portion of the body gets both praises and brickbats in equal amount. Not everybody easily walks into a lingerie shop. Many are afraid what people might think! What one wears in the privacy of one’s home is not the public to evaluate. My home is my kingdom and it is my sovereign dominion, it is under my jurisdiction and no intrusion into my sovereignty will be tolerated. When I respect the social standards, as I move around in public, it is perfectly understandable that I do not wish my freedom within my own walls be question.

Lingerie is considered seductive wear, and silk lingerie or silken lingerie is considered expensive and seductive at the same time. So what? Someone wearing that in the privacy of one’s own home is not violating any social norms.  Nobody walks around in a the marketplace with an exposed open crotch underwear.

Just as a finely tailored three piece suit does not make someone a gentleman, a silk lingerie does not make a woman bad. Let each individual choose what he or she desires to wear within the privacy of one’s hone. Be it cotton lingerie or silk lingerie or for that matter anything that person chooses. It is an individual like. Moral policing is not required and is an over reaction.