Celebrating The Lace Lingerie

Black Lace Lingerie – The Dark Brilliance

Black is brilliant. Lace is beautiful. Lingerie is seductive. Put all those together and we have the black lace lingerie, the rebellious attitude. The celebration of the sensual  festival. The feminine charm being celebrated, not because the male world would swoon seeing the sensual explosion a black lace lingerie causes. The male factor is not being put in the forefront here. Irrelevant it is not. Nor ist immaterial.

In a dualistic world; a world of opposites or contradictory opposites, the male and the female are complementary factors. There is no attempt to hoist the female factor on to a pedestal. Nor is the male being honoured with the title of the boss.  The black lace lingerie celebrates the feminine charm, irrespective of WHO is celebrating.

The feminine individuality; not going into feminism or any ideology that supports, propagates and supports that; is being praised for its beauty in a lingerie that enhances the natural charm. Period.  There is no attempt to look upon the woman as an object of enjoyment. There is nothing of that sort in this article. Sexy lingerie emphasises natural beauty. A truth that one may or may not accept. Deliberately leaving out the auxiliary verb can here.

Beauty is being praised, recognised and accepted. That is the line. Lingeries have a sexual side. There is no reason to hide behind a curtain, when one hears the term sexuality.  Without that functionality, the procreation of the human race would never have happened.

But (grammarians, please excuse. I am, here, in conversational mode) then why black and why lace? There is no why to an appreciation. There is no intention  of going into the aesthetics of critical judgement here. Black lace lingerie is beautiful, because it is beautiful. If one of you find it ugly, then for you, it is ugly. Many would, however, agree that it is a beautiful sexy garment and so will it be treated here.

If a woman likes to wear it, let her wear it. If you don’t appreciate it, then simply turn the other way round and march off.

Black is mysterious, to some it is a colour of sorrow. Yet, the black lingeries are popular. Obviously, black is not always sorrowful. It can be sensual, and so it is, indeed. The woman in a black lace lingerie is, even if she may not be aware of it, radiating her natural charm, which the garment magnifies.

Seduction is an ancient art and has continued to this day. In this industrial world, where society moves at an amazingly fast pace, romance is the missing factor. People are riveted on to or in to their mobile devices. Human companionship has become secondary, if not totally superfluous.

Japan has set the trend in a new form of romance. The electronic girlfriend! Don’t believe me. Watch this BBC report and you can decide for yourself.  Well it is up to you! Not sure if there are electronic girls, wearing black lace lingerie!

We need to get back down to earth. Electronic gadgets can neither think nor feel. We have become far too distanced from the human environment. There is hardly any romance in our daily life. Lingerie brings colour into our lives, a bit of stimulation to the senses, which are far too long imprisoned in technical nothings. The human factor is missing in our lives. This is where lingerie does a human service. It brings the human sensuality back into our life.

Black lace lingerie celebrates life, just as any other lingerie.  That is exactly what the silk lingerie shop does.