Looking Into The Abyss

The astonishment frozen into your motionless  face
The eyes wide open, irises stuck in the middle
The heartbeats, rough bubbles of frozen lead
Sinking deep into the cold silent abdomen

You witness in my dark cold eerie abyss
The ageless mountains of  lifeless throbbing ice
That freeze the fire into long streaks of orange
In the midst of the heavy bluish hanging mist
You see the mirror reflect your horror stricken face

Facing the truth that digs its convoluted claws
Into the  cringing tense fibres of your palpitating heart
Pulling at your hanging eyes, and your throbbing lips
You feel the razored tentacles of a screaming storm
Lash and wrap around your trembling form

Your pelvis crushed under the grinding weight
Your ribs cracking, crunching , tearing deeper
Into the heaving breast! The soul in spasms!
The head swimming in a pool of clammy broth

The orgasms of life have collapsed into silent death
The eyes look up at the mournful stars on a breathless sky
All is silent, empty. The storm has passed. The curtains drawn

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Love and Fear – Insecurities

Love And Fear – Understanding the Latter To Set The Former Free Courtesy: http://www.Osho.com Osho was a revolutionary master. A master who minced no words while putting forth his views. Looking at Osho from his own position, one cannot speak about Osho in the past tense. Osho, never born and never died. The book of secrets…

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Letting Go. Coming Home

Letting Go Birds are meant to fly in the vast endless heavens. They are not free when they are put into a cage. They are tortured souls, endlessly trying to fly in the boundless heavens. They are searching for their freedom and are lost in an endless struggle. Letting go is beyond the capacity of…

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Empty Mind – Steady Flow

Empty Mind – Steady Flow Into Nothingness The surroundings are full of light, of noise and rich in movement. The whole world is a state of continuous movement. Movement that does not seem to stop. There are people coming and going. People are engaged in discussion, in arguments.  Points are brought forward, debated, examined, analysed…

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Million Stars, Lone moon – The Journey

Million Stars – The Darkness At Noon The mind is like a drunken monkey, possessed by a devil and bitten by a scorpion. That is the description of the mind that Swami Vivekananda, the venerable Indian saint gave to the world. A thousand needs, a million desires, a billion wants! You need a car, a house, a…

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Robin Williams Fulfilled Terminal Cancer Patient’s Bucket List Item

We learn, every day, every moment. Compassion! the highest principle in life

Project Light to Life

Just before I was about to meet a friend in New York City, who works for ABC News, she texted me saying that Robin Williams had just died. Like nearly everyone I know, I was so sad to hear this news. Not only was Williams a great actor, but he also seems to have had a great heart. As a bucket list blogger, I was pleased to discover this article that illustrates how Williams helped a 21-year-old mother with terminal cancer fulfill an item on her bucket list.


Photo taken from the Huffington Post website.

This article about Williams and Vivian Waller is a must read!

What do you guys think?

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And the Winter Drew On

Silent Songs

The wind was cold and wet. It took with it the yellow leaves that were left on the the trees. Autumn had announced its entry, as usual, in a grey and grim manner. A few birds flew about but there was no song to be heard. The only sound was that of the rustling of the leaves flying listlessly and aimlessly. Leaves that had done their share of service, their share of duty and now made redundant, useless and invalid.

The eternal law of change implementing itself in nature and society. Nothing remains permanent other than the continual change. Every aspect of nature exhibits the merciless quality of transience. All that apparently is moves on into eternal oblivion. The ever changing phases of nature brings home the bitter the question that we have been putting ourselves, in the dark and unseen depths of our souls: what will be tomorrow?


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The Letterbox

Silent Songs

Autumn had arrived and everything was shrouded in a bleak shade of miserable grey. The skies looked sad and lost, and resembled a vast old tattered sheet of soiled cotton. An occasional flurry of wind lifted the drowsy listless leaves on the trees. Yellow and red leaves littered the streets reminding everyone that autumn had arrived.

The jackets were out again. Passersby wore hats and mufflers protected them from the winds. Hanging heads, unsmiling faces were all around. A mournful cloud hung low over the entire place.

An ambulance raced past, lights flashing and the sirens shattering the fragile silence that lay like an enormous film over the village. Someone was struggling to keep his physical frame alive. The last tangible connection to a tangible but inexplicable world. Either he would survive the struggle and manage to live on in an unkind world or he would leave behind an inanimate…

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