The Rebel

I am a rebel. If I do not wish to conform to the standards of society, I will not. The postings here will be direct and blunt. Enter at your own risk. You alone are responsible for whatever happens after reading my words. If you do not like the posting, I do not care. You chose to read it. You have the freedom either to speak or to bark and I to listen or to ignore.

I am proud to say, I am NOT a native English speaker and it is up to you to judge my command of the language. You are free to adjust the semantics to your own sweet choice but that is your funeral and not my choice.

You may post a comment but you will need to keep within the limits of decency. If you suffer to empty your disgusting vermin into my blog, I enjoy the freedom to boot your comment out of it, but if you, in a cultivated but honest way, choose to criticise in decent language, please do it and I shall happily welcome it.

If you feel punched in your face after reading my blog, remember, you chose to walk into my living room without an invitation. You know where the door is.


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