Celebrating The Lace Lingerie

Black Lace Lingerie – The Dark Brilliance

Black is brilliant. Lace is beautiful. Lingerie is seductive. Put all those together and we have the black lace lingerie, the rebellious attitude. The celebration of the sensual  festival. The feminine charm being celebrated, not because the male world would swoon seeing the sensual explosion a black lace lingerie causes. The male factor is not being put in the forefront here. Irrelevant it is not. Nor ist immaterial.

In a dualistic world; a world of opposites or contradictory opposites, the male and the female are complementary factors. There is no attempt to hoist the female factor on to a pedestal. Nor is the male being honoured with the title of the boss.  The black lace lingerie celebrates the feminine charm, irrespective of WHO is celebrating.

The feminine individuality; not going into feminism or any ideology that supports, propagates and supports that; is being praised for its beauty in a lingerie that enhances the natural charm. Period.  There is no attempt to look upon the woman as an object of enjoyment. There is nothing of that sort in this article. Sexy lingerie emphasises natural beauty. A truth that one may or may not accept. Deliberately leaving out the auxiliary verb can here.

Beauty is being praised, recognised and accepted. That is the line. Lingeries have a sexual side. There is no reason to hide behind a curtain, when one hears the term sexuality.  Without that functionality, the procreation of the human race would never have happened.

But (grammarians, please excuse. I am, here, in conversational mode) then why black and why lace? There is no why to an appreciation. There is no intention  of going into the aesthetics of critical judgement here. Black lace lingerie is beautiful, because it is beautiful. If one of you find it ugly, then for you, it is ugly. Many would, however, agree that it is a beautiful sexy garment and so will it be treated here.

If a woman likes to wear it, let her wear it. If you don’t appreciate it, then simply turn the other way round and march off.

Black is mysterious, to some it is a colour of sorrow. Yet, the black lingeries are popular. Obviously, black is not always sorrowful. It can be sensual, and so it is, indeed. The woman in a black lace lingerie is, even if she may not be aware of it, radiating her natural charm, which the garment magnifies.

Seduction is an ancient art and has continued to this day. In this industrial world, where society moves at an amazingly fast pace, romance is the missing factor. People are riveted on to or in to their mobile devices. Human companionship has become secondary, if not totally superfluous.

Japan has set the trend in a new form of romance. The electronic girlfriend! Don’t believe me. Watch this BBC report and you can decide for yourself.  Well it is up to you! Not sure if there are electronic girls, wearing black lace lingerie!

We need to get back down to earth. Electronic gadgets can neither think nor feel. We have become far too distanced from the human environment. There is hardly any romance in our daily life. Lingerie brings colour into our lives, a bit of stimulation to the senses, which are far too long imprisoned in technical nothings. The human factor is missing in our lives. This is where lingerie does a human service. It brings the human sensuality back into our life.

Black lace lingerie celebrates life, just as any other lingerie.  That is exactly what the silk lingerie shop does.


Crotchless Lace Thong Panty – Silk Lingerie

Crotchless Lace Thong Panty

WHY a crotchless lace thong panty? The counter question why a panty with crotch? Does a crotchless panty declare a war on society? No, it does not. If someone believes that it does, that person is free to chain himself (the masculine pronoun is being used in its historical neutral sense and does not imply only the male members of society).

Swimming against the current, defying the fences set up by society is not a war against the traditions and/or customs. It is the preservation of the individuality and individual freedom in a world of globalisation, where the individual is being sidelined more and more. Society is, in a way, becoming mindless of individuality. The individual is being throttled, ignored and beaten into an insignificant part of the mass, which is called society. Yet, the truth remains alive. Society is composed of individuals and today’s society is slowly becoming a collection of units ready to sacrifice the sense of individuality. We have a mass of people, who blindly resign to norms, to which they never ever subscribed. A crotchless underwear causes lips to be shut, eyebrows to be raised. Questions are thrown into the room, but never voiced.

Seduction – The Ancient Art

A crotchless panty might cause faces to go wooden! Yet the mind is not to be fooled. It rejoices in the phantasy of a beautiful crotchless underwear. When the imagination stretches to  a crotchless lace thong, the inner pleasure is not to be denied.

Seduction is an ancient art, after all and society has frowned upon it, declared it despicable, atrocious, a sin or what you will. Yet, the human mind is not to be outdone. The physical pleasures are nature’s gift to all living beings. The human beings went ahead and made a masterful creation out of a creation. Seduction underwent a metamorphosis, converting it into an art, a masterful art.  The lingerie clothed seduction and gave it a radiance that it did not show earlier. The silk lingerie added an elegance, a charm irresistible. The natural fibre with its inherent appeal gave the lingerie with an added lustre.

Men have been, down the ages, considered epitomes of strength. They have been idolised as embodiments of physical and mental strength. Stories were told about their valiant nature, of fighting a lion barehanded, fighting monsters of the oceanic depths. They conquered mountains, and fought wars, celebrated their victories and revelled in their legendary manliness and physical prowess.

All that pride and prowess were defeated, not by weapons or muscular strength but by a simple charm. The tender, soft and sensuous feminine charm oozing from a delicate body, devoid of all the manly muscular overtones.

The Lingerie, Silk Lingerie, The Discreet Exposure – The Conquest

The fully unclothed body radiates an attraction that is essentially natural in its fullness. Nature knows what it does and she is the master artist. Eroticism is a gift that nature endowed on the living beings. As I said earlier, the human being added his own power of creation to embellish that what nature gave us.

Covering the nudity, man discovered unconsciously, awoke his innate sense of curiosity. He became inquisitive as to what lay behind the covering, although he knew, very much, what actually was behind the covering. However, the mind is an unfathomable factor. Even after knowing what was behind the clothes, man was prodded on to enquire the known secret and on seeing what was behind the clothes, he noticed how his excitement grew.

The complete covering of the body slowly began to give way and clothes were made to expose a bit of the body underneath. Decorations and other embellishments were added to the scenario. Dance and music added to the passion. The dancers dressed in clothes that revealed a bit of the body beneath caused the embers of desire to glow. It was the birth of the lingerie.

And then silk made its appearance on the scene. The hard and stiff fibres gave way to the flowing lustrous clothes made from the naturally delicate fibre produced by the silk worms.

The silk lingerie added something subtle to life. A new spiciness to life was discovered and soon the design spread to the undergarments. As the woman grew taller, the panties shrunk in size. The front remained broad enough but the sides began to shed their size and soon ended up in strings.

the silk lingerie

The trend continued. The g-String made its appearance and soon the crotch that remained hidden was given its freedom. The crotchless panty, or the open crotch panty was born. The male world was, obviously, fascinated. Then the designers came out with the crotchless lace thong panties and the male world was conquered again.

Within the privacy of the bedroom, romance underwent a revolution. Not only the sexual pleasures were given a boost but also the pleasures of the eye. The standard lingerie and the silk lingerie added to the mutual pleasures. The woman had the power in her garments to boost the desire of the male.

The silk lingerie brought in a world of untold comfort. The material is kind to the skin, gentle in wear and is harmless to those who suffer allergies.  Worn within the privacy of one’s bedroom, the added suffused lighting to give a tenderness to the surroundings, a perfume that gently caresses the senses, the silk lingerie works wonders.

When the body is tired and the mind is under stress, the human being is in a world without colours and appeal. The mind remains chained to the thought structures that leave the body powerless or rather strained. The various designs of underwear and tops available can help alleviated the stress hanging in the air.


crotchless lacy thong panty

Seduction may be an ancient art, but it is needed very much in todays globalised world, where only profits matter. The individual has his own world and rightly so. Individuality is a wealth, a treasure, it is existence, it is identity and there is no reason to sacrifice one’s identity. That is suicide and it is not called for. By bringing your bedroom life alive again, you are saving your sanity, your individuality, your own private world, where only you have the right to access. It is where you live your life and enjoy your pleasures.