Standing Strong Against The Wind

Standing Strong Against The Wind – Determination

Trials and tribulation accompany us on the journey of life. Life, the taskmaster, puts us through experiences that test the strength of our patience, our endurance, our perseverance. One might say it is the survival of the fittest.

Our emotional stability is tested under duress, to use an extreme expression. Strong emotions influence the process of thinking. Rational behaviour gets the backseat. Irrational and impulsive reactions come into the foreground. The faculty of logical thinking is temporarily maimed. The result is that actions follow, which lead us to more instances of conduct unbecoming of us.  To put in other words, our emotions rule us. Our anger will destroy us. Hatred will pull us relentlessly from one mistake to the other.

standing strong

Anger – Going With The Wind

When anger takes control, you are going with the wind. You are being carried with the wind. You seem helpless, you think you are helplessly delivered into the hands of providence, of destiny, of natural reactions. You put the blame on the person who caused it. You are, in reality, giving the other person the power to control you. You have surrendered to his words or acts. You consider yourself to be a victim. You feel insulted or even broken. You are not standing strong against the wind when you go with the current.

standing strong

Osho once told the story of a traveller who spent a night in a village. In the night, a dog in the village began barking. As is usual, the other dogs followed suit and soon there was a concert of barking, echoing through the night. Having travelled a long way, the man was tired. His limbs were aching after the long walk. Fatigue had overtaken his  body and the most obvious thing to do was to sleep. Yet sleep was evading him. He could not close his eyes and drift off into dreamland. In the morning the landlord asked him, how his night was. The guest replied that the dogs in the village had kept him awake. The landlord smiled and asked the traveller, why he blamed the dogs. The traveller sighed and said that the barking of the dogs had kept him awake. There was a short silence and the landlord looked at the traveller, smiled and said, your mind was busy with the barking of the dogs. You were involved in the barking. Obviously you could not sleep.

Not Just Looking but Seeing

What an amazing truth. An abstract concept called mind keeps the gross body under control. The result was inevitable. The body, although tired could not find rest because the mind was active in other spheres. The man was removed from himself and went along with his mind. He was a slave to his own mind. He was not the captain of the ship. He was the ship and the mind was the captain. The dogs in the story taught us a lesson. It might sound ridiculous, however, we can see the truth there. The dogs pointed to the traveller to his own self, to his essence of being. An external stimulus to go back into the inner world and restructure the process of the fickle organ called mind. Once you realise the import of this truth, you know what is to be done. You need to stand strong against the wind, to reign in your emotion, to be the master of the situation and not its slave, Your task is not just to look but to see.

The Passive Mind

Standing strong is a passive action. An action in inaction. You are involved and yet you are not. Being active by being passive is a skill you need to learn again in the material world. It is mandatory for the material world that the mind is in control. That is the sole central point behind the industrial success. You are made to like the things manufactured and in liking them you are going with the current and not standing strong. You like what is on the shelf and you buy, helping the industry to sell and earn a profit. We do need things for our day-to-day life. We cannot stop buying things. However, let the mind be kept clear.

Your mind is like a drinking glass. It has no colour of its own. It takes on the colour of the liquid poured into it. You need to differentiate between needs and wants. It is not necessary that you go with the current. You need to be the captain of your ship called mind. Be in control and not the one being controlled. Standing strong is maintaining your inner self. Keeping it without any embellishments. Keeping it pure. The mountain may appear strong. But the apparently strong mountain is located in space. Space does not assert itself. It just is. Standing strong is in other words just BEING. You can have all what you want to have. To have is meaningless without to be.

You do not accept everything that comes your way, do you? You are also used to saying NO. At times you are even capable of saying a categorical NO. So, you do have the ability to stand strong and go against the current. Why not make it your constant nature. It does not mean that you get into conflicts with society. You are living in a society. The society is not dependent on you. You are. Why? Standing strong does not imply blindly going against everything. It is an action by inaction. Fighting without fighting. It is the fire in water. It is the river that flows without flowing.

standing strongDon’t be the paper that gets wet and torn apart when dropped into water. be the lotus leaf that spends its entire life in water without once getting wet.

Balance – Unshaken In The Face of Fear

Standing strong has nothing to do with physical strength. You are intellectually evolved. You have the power of imagination, the faculty of analytical thinking, the capability to intellectually grasp the semantics of the happenings, the strength of discrimination, discriminate between the type of action that should proceed from you.

A samurai raced into the cave in rage and drew his sword. A Zen monk was sitting in meditation. The samurai pointed his sword at the throat of the monk and said,

” I am the one who can behead you without batting an eyelid.”

The Zen monk replied,

“I am the one can be beheaded without batting an eyelid.”

No Water No Moon

Perseverance. The word cannot be repeated enough. Not the perseverance in accumulating money. Why would you accumulate something that is transient? all the happiness that money brings is temporary. External objects do not last long. Your happiness is within your own self.

Strengthen your will, your passion to keep that will. Make your eyes see without a hindrance. Clear vision and clear mind are two things that will help you stand strong. Be receptive but also be responsive to the deepest echoes of your mind. Be passive. You are not seeing something. Something is being seen. Be objective. An insult becomes an insult only if you respond to it

A man stood before the Buddha and began flinging insults at him. The former did not react and the latter, angered by the passive nature of the Buddha continued with more vigour. Finally, he stopped and thought, why is this man not reacting.

“I have been insulting you all this while and you are not reacting. Did you not hear what I have been throwing at you?”

“Yes, I heard.”

“Then why did you not react to the insults?”

“There was no need to react. There were no insults thrown at me.”

“How is that possible. I know what I was shouting.”

“When you give money to a person and that person refuses to accept it, who keeps the money?”

“I myself,”

Stand Strong – Be The Water And The Rock

Inaction is also an action. A reply need not be in words. Silence is also a reply. Be strong like water. It can wear away a rock. The example of perseverance. Be as strong as the rock. It stands strong against the wind. It remains the rock.

Enrich Your Life.Don’t Impoverish It With Materialism

Money comes, money goes. Knowledge comes. It does not go. Your real richness lies within you. There is no need to change the world. It is not your task. Your task is to shed all those shells around you, all that draping that is preventing you from growing, from evolving, from developing.

You need money in your bank, but you need a treasure in your heart






Mushin – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Mushin (無心; Japanese mushin; English translation “no mind”) is a mental state into which very highly trained martial artists are said to enter during combat.


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