Silent Whisperings Of The Heart

Silent Whisperings Of The Heart – Are You Listening?

Silent Whisperings Of The Heart

Yonder, beyond the ragged cliffs of the  gigantic mountains kissing the vast expanse of the endless, fathomless heavens. Beyond the silent forests, where the leaves gaze at the silent earth. Far away beyond the commotions of the hectic world, removed from the clamours of worldly greed and avarice. Isolated from the rumblings of the avarice, greed, pretentious behaviour and polished words that camouflage the inflammable feelings. There, deep in the profound silence, the words flow in perfect silent. The lucid eloquence of words unlimited by the boundaries of the letters of the alphabet. The silent whisperings of the heart, the  fountain of wisdom.

The Empty Mind

The worldly noise drowns the inner voice.  The voice does not die, it does not lose its strength, nor does it lose its content. The voice remains echoing. The listener needs to stop his barrage of words to hear the silent whisperings of the heart.  However, words spring from thoughts. As long as we keep lending our voice to the thoughts, we prevent our inner ears from hearing the whispering within us. We need to empty our mind.

silent whisperings of the heart

Love, Light And Simplicity

We were supposed to water the garden of flowers in the heart. We were born to nurture the millions of blossoms in our inner self, to spread the aroma and colours of love to the vast universe we occupy. We were supposed to spread an eternal spring in this garden and bathe those dwell here, with joy, with the fragrance of eternal love.

Intoxicated with the bliss of love
Differentiate can I not anymore
Between drunkard and the drink
Between beloved and the lover
– Rumi

We have turned a deaf ear to the whisperings of the heart. We have turned away from the source of gentle wisdom. We listen the commotion outside. We imbibe the violence of the words. We let ourselves be soaked in the flame of worldly charm that carries in its heart nothing but restlessness and despair. We fill our days with the involvement. We let the emotions wash over us and complain of sleepless nights. We surrender ourselves to  false charm of industrial waste and disfigure our days and nights. We are confused between needs and wants. We have forgotten simplicity and we embrace complexity.

We listen to the performance of noise on the stage. We carry that noise with us in our heart. We drown the melody that is reverberating the chambers of our inner self and we complain of restlessness. Why do we not listen to the silent whisperings of the heart.


We fight a war to win peace. We kill to sustain life. We hate to protect love. We create noise to attain silence. Someone rightly said, human beings are the only species on earth that kill trees to make paper and print save trees!

It is time for us to go into the secret chambers of our heart. We need to bathe ourselves in the benevolent sunshine hidden in the depth. We need to shut out the noise without to listen to the melody within. It is high time we listened to the silent whisperings of our heart.

We need compassion, we need love. We need silence and not noise. We need unconditional compassion, love and empathy.  It is not pity that we need but action. We need the passion that drives our will to make our life happy. But we need to keep greed in check. We need to learn to give, not only take. We need understanding and tolerance. At the same time we need the firmness of heart to deny and reject violence

Not Instruments But Source

Let us not be the instrument of anything, for the word instrument has the inherent sense of intrusion. We need to be the source, the source of love and compassion. This metamorphosis can only happen if we empty our mind. The empty mind will become the receptacle of the endless stream of love and compassion.

In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities, but in the expert’s there are few – Shunryu Suzuki

The Inner Dimension

A monastic life is not the intention here. The goal is a peaceful life enriched by the values of compassion, love and appreciation of the moments of silence

I have had my invitation to this world’s festival, And thus my life has been blessed.
My eyes have seen and my ears have heard.
It was my part at this feast to play upon my instrument,
and I have done all I could.
Now, I ask, has the time come at last
when I may go in and see thy face and offer thee my silent salutation?
Gitanjali Rabindranath Tagore

The Moment, The Silence, The Being

Living in the past? Clinging to your past? We can neither destroy it nor change it. There is nothing we can do to it but we can leave it behind. The moon worries neither about the day that preceded it nor the one that is yet to come. We live in the moment and the moment is the truth. Leave everything before and expect nothing after.

When a fish swims, it swims on and on, and there is no end to the water. When a bird flies, it flies on and on, and there is no end to the sky. There was never a fish that swam out of the water or a bird that flew out of the sky. When they need just a little water or sky, they use just a little; when they need a lot, they use a lot. Thus, they use all of it in every moment, and in every place they have perfect freedom.
Master Dogen


The Silent Whisperings Of The Heart

We shall retire to the inner sanctuary of the heart. We shall shut out the noises and light that create ripples in the pool called mind and we shall listen to the silent echoing within the dark chambers of our self, where our light of wisdom dwells.

Beyond the commotions of the material world, deep into the mysterious yet beautiful world of our inner self, where festival of spring is on the go. The world of emptiness, the world of simple being.

Wherever I be, am I at home
In the room of the lovers,
Even with closed eyes, I see
The beauty lost in its dance

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