My Journey, The Chosen Road

my journey

My Choice, My Journey

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, so goes a Chinese saying. Long long ago we started on a journey, called life. We have travelled a long way. We have had our share of fatigue, our disappointments and share of happiness. So has been my journey. Here I shall share with you the lessons that this journey taught me.

Separation And Isolation my journey

My story will be incomplete without these two terms. Although, both have a heavy shadow of negativity attached to them, there are positive aspects, as well. Light and darkness are interdependent.

Growing up without a home and near ones is a hard experience. Missing home and near ones tend to generate a bitterness and this did happen and my boat sailed into the  harbour of isolation. Night after night of discomfort and grief became a frightful reality. Childhood has to be happy and pleasant. True, for every night there is a day. so there will be happiness and sorrow in life. Yet, when unhappiness begins to dominate, the journey becomes uncomfortable. My journey was dominated by this negative factor. Yet, it had a positive effect. It made me appreciate the inherent strength within me, which helped me continue travelling my path. Hence my journey was and is not one of only suffering but also of self-discovery.

Lessons Learnt

Seeing :  A few years back a friend of mine spoke a sentence, which has remained imprinted in my memory. As an artist, he had a very distinctive way of referring to  topics or items as he spoke.

The difference between a camera and our eyes is that the camera sees what is there and we see what we wish to see.

We look, we see and we interpret. I learnt to see what was actually there. At least,I learned to accept what my eyes saw. Ascribing a meaning to what was seen became secondary. Situations taught me objectivity. I saw how people’s’ vision was blinded by the emotion that was  ruling at the given moment. As I had no support, it was mandatory that I learned to support myself. Seeing without being attached to the scenario in question became a part of me.

One of my classmates in college lost his eyesight six months before his final examination. He was forced to learn Braille writing and adjust to his new situation of being blind. He learned to recognise colours by their odour, people by the texture of their skin and he had an excellent sense of hearing. His courage and positive attitude has been a part of my journey ever since.


Listen without judging. Listen objectively. Let the emotions play no role, lest we wrongly interpret what the speaker is saying. Let it be his words and his meaning, not his words and our meaning.

My journey taught me centre my heart in compassion and objectivity. It taught me to hear what was being said, not what was being interpreted. I appreciate my faculty of hearing and that of listening.

Taking Up The Challenge

This is my journey and I need to travel my path.There is no meaning in making a journey that is not mine. I am following the call of my heart, dancing to my music, enjoying my melody, assigning my notes to my words.

My path is rough, difficult but it also has its beauty. It is my path and not that of somebody else. I listen to the thunder rolling and get wet in the rain. It is an experience. My own experience. I am being true to myself

Your Journey

Let nobody distract you from your journey. Let nothing prevent you from listening to your own voice. Let no hurdle break your courage. Follow the call of your heart. Only you can hear it and it is your voice crying out to you. You are a valuable individual. You have the power to see, to hear, to interpret, to re-assign meaning. You have the choice to see the darkness and the light. Ignore not the darkness but do not shy  away from the light that is within you. My journey is no different from yours. You and I are travelling to the same point, our core.



The journey is movement. It is a permanent oscillation in impermanence. The moment is your only reality. You cannot change your past.  What is gone is gone. Attempting to change that is an attempt at futility, a waste of time.

You spend your time worrying about your future? The future is not born and may never be born or may be born. It remains what it is, that is, a conditional. You will spend your life between ifs and buts and the present will pass by you, becoming the past.

The Journey In The Moment

Appreciate the moment that you have on hand. That is your only reality. All the rest is mere conjuncture.  Let the journey be to the core of your being. See yourself as you really are. Why do you wish to be a mirror to the world? Why not be your own mirror? Why carry the abundance of light within you and walk in darkness.

You have the faculty of seeing, of hearing, of understanding, of intellect. Why leave them all behind and be the echo box of the world. You are the universe in miniature form.

In the dark forest
A berry drops:
The sound of the water. – Courtesy Zen Haiku


Courage –

“Imagine being born without arms. No arms to wrap around a friend ; no hands to hold the ones you love; no fingers to experience touch ; no way to lift or carry things. How much more difficult would life be if you were living without arms and hands? Or what about legs? Imagine if you had no legs. No ability to dance, walk, run, or even stand. Now put both of those scenarios together… no arms and no legs. What would you do? How would that affect your everyday life?”  Courtesy: zenmoments

Don’t try to find excuses. You are born with courage, with strength, with extraordinary abilities. If you think you cannot you need to  watch this video and read the article above.


Search HERE and not THERE

You are searching an unknown factor in the distant skies. Your heart is among the stars and your mind is in space. You are reaching out into the infinity of the vast fathomless universe. Your journey is to the distant world, while the reality is right here, within you.

Call up that courage lying dormant within you, Open your eyes to see what is there, let the compassion in your heart bloom and may you begin the journey to your own self. The universe is meaningless without the individuals. Even the vast ocean is made up of little droplets. You may by only a tiny unit in the vast universe but you are the miniature of that vast reality. Your journey to the universe begins within you, just as charity begins at home.

Let that journey be one rooted in compassion.Your journey begins here and now.

Supath Empty Mind

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