The Art Of Listening To Silence

Listening To The Silence Within

Listening to silence within is an art, a skill, a beautiful experience. It is homecoming, returning to our roots, to our own centre.

is the perfectest herald of joy:
I were but little happy if I could say how much.
– Shakespeare Much Ado About Nothing

You are going away from you, when you speak. The words are flowing from you into the universe outside. Your mind is lost in ramble of words. Searching for peace we lose ourselves in the  thunder of words, travelling far away from silence. The farther we travel from silence, the more removed are we from peace.

listening to silenceCourtesy: Lets Go Out Bournemouth

We lose our orientation, we lose the calm and we become confused. Our mind is engaged in registering, analysing, storing and evaluating innumerable words, associations, images, sounds and impulses. We are in a state of continuous movement. We are sailing the rough seas and no land is in sight.We are conscious of the cacophony outside and we are not listening to silence.

Our vision is blurred. We see things that are not there, but only those that our conversation seem to suggest. We create a world of images in front of us. We associate words and phrases with the objects within our biased filed of vision. Waves of thought are born and roam in all the wild directions. Impulses guide us and we travel the path that we did not decide to take but that what our contorted processes of thought created.

listening to silenceCourtesy: Steve Babb

We surrender ourselves to the world of commotion that originated within our own self.  The agitated state of the mind creates a secondary  response within us: the thirst for peace. It is time for us to master the skill of listening to silence.


Courtesy: OSHOInternational


Silence is the language of god. All else is poor translation – Rumi

In the world of noise of today, we have forgotten the importance of silence. The material world we experience today indirectly suggests us to step back into the world of silence, to go back into our own self, to the inner home, to the inner sphere of our intrinsically peaceful existence. Listening to silence is not distancing ourselves from the experienced world, but, remaining within the sphere of our experience and the same time practising neutrality. Listening to silence is like being the lotus leaf, which spends its entire life in water without once getting wet.

By practicing stillness in everyday activity we begin to see the complex interrelationships of our life while not becoming caught up in all of them. When you see a Bruce Lee movie where he’s fighting hordes of bad guys, moving like lightning and exploding like thunder, remember that his mind is still, not silent, and yet his activity is fluid, accurate and powerful.
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The more we let ourselves be influenced by the noise around, the more confused we are. Silence is not only the absence of noise, it is also the stilling of the senses. Our senses are active throughout the day. We are exposed to  a lot of stimuli that  keep our sense organs on the run. We are bombarded with millions of sound effects, visual distortions, Thought waves after thought waves keep our mind on a never-ending journey. We need silence more and more.

listening to silenceCourtesy: Scott Smithson

Listening To Silence

If you have not tried listening to silence, why not do it. Close all the doors and windows, turn off all the lights. Keep only a source of soft diffused light. Shut out all the noise you can. Sit on a soft mat or cushion if you can do the cross-legged posture. Else sit on a chair. Keep the back straight. Eyes are to be kept open but focussed on a point on the floor, comfortable enough not to cause eye strain. Just observe your inhalation and exhalation. Do not try to stop any thoughts coming into the mind. You are only breathing in and breathing out. While doing this listen to this as a help. The best is if you can do it without any source of music or sound.


Courtesy: Soft Music & Yoga ~ YogaYak

You will enjoy the silence that the moment brings to your mind. You will notice what you are missing out in life. You will realise what you need the most in your daily life. That is listening to silence to locate that centre of happiness within your own self.

Materialism – Caution

We cannot deny the fact materialism has increased the unhappiness in society. We have today more comfort, more gadgets, more vehicles, more possibilities to travel and we have a lot of noisy equipment. We also have a lot of processed food that is risky. We have more cases of cancer, other form os illnesses. We have a lot of people suffering from depression. We are not noticing the amount of noise; not only auditory but also visual; that surround us. We are victims of both noise and light pollution.

The Journey Into Silence

We spend our entire time listening to others.Our senses are directed outwards. We are running away from our centre and complaining about restlessness. We are not on the run and complain about not sitting. We are on the move, in permanent oscillation. Before we lose our sanity, before we turn the world into an asylum of the mentally crushed, we need to stop, turn back and begin the journey into silence. We need to find our way back home.

We have all heard the saying, aim for the stars, we shall reach the moon. Osho used to say (not the exact words): Our eyes are fixed on the far away that we do not see what is under our nose.

It is time that we started listening to silence. The silence within us. Sshhhhh.


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