Gratitude, The Sunshine Within

Gratitude – A Gem

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Mechanical responses are the order of the day. In a world ruled by automatic gestures, words and phrases, the human being has become a mechanical object.

The same applies to the common phrase thank you. Most of the time it is an expression which is a mandatory part of conversation.It has become a phrase without an essence. People want to hear it, speak it and there it ends. There is no resonance from the depth of the heart. The expression is expected and delivered and the theme ends there.

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The rose blooms for both the rich and the poor, the beautiful and ugly, the joyful and the sad. The bird sing for all, without any discrimination. The stars shine for all, over the palace and the hut. The same with the sun, the moon. The wind does not differentiate between the kind and the cruel.

We are thankful for the ability to earn our livelihood. We are thankful for the sleep that our body and mind needed much. We are thankful for the food. We did not have to go hungry. We are thankful for the bit of sunshine .

Gratitude from the bottom of the heart will bring us joy. We are giving back a bit of happiness to the person(s) who helped us. We have a lot of blessings and we tend to forget them easily. We take many things for granted.


We find our happiness in that one simple attitude, which we tend to conveniently forget. The materialistic world of living has slowly detached us from our own self and sent us racing after objects, without which we could certainly live. Gratitude is something what we live and not what have.

We have invaded the habitat of the animals, of the plants and we have plundered the earth, we have polluted the groundwater, the air and our rubbish is floating in space. We have turned the oceans into vast reservoirs of chemicals and poison. We are not grateful for what nature gives us. We need to go back to the roots, back into our own self. We need to start anew. We need to learn to respect what we have been blessed with.We need to thankful, not in a mechanical way, but genuinely from the bottom of our hearts. It will make us humble. Humility is needed very much today.

Be not the adamant and gigantic tree that gets uprooted in a flood
Be the humble blade of grass that bows down to the waters and
raises its head again, after the waters recede


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