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Moonless Night – The Silent Whispering

moonless night

The moonless night elicits no fear. There is no trembling, no feeling of uneasiness. No hidden anxiety is awakened. No repining spirits walk abroad causing discomfort to those who are not blessed by sleep.

The moonless night is one of peace and calm. The skies are dark and the earth is lost in slumber. The stars shine in silence bathing the earth in a very soft silky light.

That is the appearance of the inner sphere of the self. The outer world of daily experience is fraught with discomfort, inconsistencies, imbalance, animosities, anger, sadness and fluctuating moods. Materialism has spread its tentacles and you are torn between the various attractions that promise happiness. Each day the theatre of the absurd continues. You are searching for happiness, for peace and you are waiting for the magic formula to appear. You are waiting for Godot. You are in a moonless night of disarray. not of peace

moonless bightCourtesy : The Unbound Spirit

You let your emotions drag you around. The abstract feeling of anger has the power the power to move the physical body to sudden and unpredictable actions.  Once the energy is spent, you have the new task of repenting what you did, or, you are busy with justifying your actions. The night is moonless but the peace is missing. The human being is dreaming of discovering the secrets of the distant galaxies and he has not even managed to learn the secrets of his own inner self. He is trying to unravel the secrets of  the science of space before learning to manage anger, an emotion that is threatening the very existence of the only planet we have.

The moonless night is that sphere within you, which helps you see light. The light of your own self. You need to unveil the moon within your heart. You need to walk into the valley of flowers within you. You need to be the moon in the moonless night of your inner world. You need to prepare yourself for the happiness that is welling within you. The prerequisite is an empty mind. Let darkness within you give birth to the moon of happiness. You walk around with happiness locked up with in you.

Have you given your share of happiness to the world around you? If you haven’t, how can you get happiness in return? Have you let yourself be ruled by anger? If you have,did you use the tool, called breath? No, I am not spinning yarns. You need no external help to control your anger. You can set a metamorphosis of anger in motion, simply by the right breathing.

Are you wasting your money on trinkets of no use? Have you thought for a moment of the millions of starving children? A tiny amount could bring sunshine into their world and a beautiful moonrise into your heart. Your moonless night will be lit up in a light that flows for you.

The materialism in today’s world has created a new illness. Depression. People with all the material wealth are still not happy. Have you been a good friend? Have you comforted your friends in distress? You need not always give monetary help. Most of the times, all that your friend requires is a listener. A friend who can lend him or her a patient ear without judgement, without logic, without interpretation, a chance to pour out his or her heart,  Compassion is the invisible  moon in the moonless night of the heart. To be divine, you need to be first human.

Go into the moonless night  to listen to your own silent song

moonless night

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