Mint Your Fortune In The Secret Cave

Mint Your Fortune

There is no secret here, no mysterious formula, no magic spells, no necromancy and nothing demoniac. Mint your fortune is a command, a prompt to your own inner self. It is a call to recalibrate your scale of values. If you are a subscriber to the materialistic values, you are on the wrong website. You will find enough arguments to talk against the values presented here. If you came here because you thought you could become a millionaire overnight, again, you are on the wrong website. We all need wealth to help us survive in the mundane world. Money is needed to provide us material comforts necessary to survive. There is no call here to take up monastic orders, nor is this is prompt for you to take to renunciation.


Be The Master Not The Slave

Commercialisation has brought you to a difficult point. We need water. You need food but you want a car, a television, a radio etc. You need progress, you want excess. Your list of wants has grown and still keeps growing. You are not noticing that the industrial world is steering a global process of metamorphosis of the society as a whole. The wants  keep increasing and the global society thinks that it has just more needs. Society is undergoing a massive metamorphosis of its inner being. It is being catapulted into an uncontrollably mad race to get as much materialistic benefits as possible within a short space of time.  You are not engaged in the task called mint your fortune. On the contrary you are digging your own premature grave. You are in fact minting for the industry and in the process you are killing yourself. Are you really making your family happy? How much time do you get to spend with your near and dear ones?  Are you not taking the impatience you build up in your office with you when you leave for home? Are you not torturing your family with your temperament?

Why not stop and think. Who decides what you want and what you need? Who is the master? Clearly, you have become the slave. You are letting your mind be controlled. Ask your own mind

mint your fortune

  • What are your needs?
  • What are your wants?

Note those questions in two columns on paper  and write down your answers. Go through the list when you think you are done. Be honest yourself. Once the answers are written down, you need to read your writing. Don’t give yourself excuses in putting things down. Be honest to yourself.

Now put yourself the following questions:

  • How much time do you devote to yourself?
  • Are you able to pursue your dreams?
  • Are you able to put side time for your hobby or hobbies?
  • How many dreams did you give up and why?

The answers may not be very good. You know now: To mint your fortune you need to be the master and not the slave.

The Solution – Empty Mind

You have been running around to find your happiness and you have finally realised that you cannot find it. You cannot let happiness fill your mind, if the latter is already filled with all the chaos of the world. Objects do not give you happiness. You need inner balance, inner harmony. You have the chaos and now you need the silence. You need to go back to the basics of life, the little units of happiness. You need to put yourself at the centre. Your little moments are important to you, your dreams are important to you, your smiles are important to you, your inner wellbeing is important to you. Hence, you should be the driving force to access your own happiness. Mint your fortune in the inner cave. Turn your eyes inwards, Go into the recesses of your soul. Don’t rely on others. You may and you should learn from others. Take what helps, discard what hampers your inner progress.

All the solutions are within you. Access your inner self.


mint your fortune

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