Harmony – Inner Balance

Harmony – The Empty Mind

We have been gifted with the beautiful faculty of imagination. We have been blessed with the adorable ability to meditate.We are able to balance between the extremes in life. We can remain sit in the darkness of the night and contemplate on the beauty of the light blending into the blackness surrounding us. We are able to sit in the silence and let the sweet notes of music caress us. We are able to walk the snowed in roads on a wintry morning and appreciate the warmth the woollen coat gives us. We are  tuned into the harmony that is an essential part of our being.

We know the joy of a glass of cold water, after coming in from a hot afternoon. We are happy as we experience the comfortable temperature of the room. On  a hot sunny afternoon, as we stand under the cool comfortable shade of a tree, we are thankful for the cool breeze that briskly passes us. After a hot and torrid summer, we are grateful for the blessing called rain, that  quenches not the only thirst of the earth but also the thirst of our minds. We are experiencing the harmony that has been built into our very self

harmonyCourtesy: Mo

We are gladdened by the twilight sunlight, the beautiful play of colours that nature presents us. We  pay nothing for the spectacle of colours and light and we are even blessed by the feeling of happiness in seeing the brilliance of colours after the glare of the day. Our hearts fill with happiness as the silver moon shows up in the dark expanse of the vast endless sky. The millions and millions of tiny little stars make us smile. Happiness fills us as we see the butterflies flitting from flower to flower. We are fascinated by the bees that visit thousands of flowers to gather the honey that we enjoy.

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May we be an empty vessel, which can be filled with the happiness that is an intrinsic part of our being. Vessels that are full cannot be filled. We need to become empty to experience the sense of richness.  The richness of being empty, to oscillate in a state of perfect stillness. The music of silence, the company of solitude where harmony is a continuous flow.

Happiness is our very being. We are the ones that need to keep the clouds from covering the sun shining within us




Harmony – Inner Balance was originally published on Mint Your Fortune


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