Compassion – The Need Of The Day


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Compassion – Down To Earth

NO! It is not about religion here, which is a very risky term. Down to earth and humanism in the centre of this contemplative topic. It is the reader’s freedom to interpret and at times there is the risk of misinterpretation. It is to be explicitly understood that NO religion is meant here. Points may be taken from philosophies but there is favouritism intended here. Compassion is not the copyright of any religion.

No Escapism

The point here is not attributing compassion to any divinity or the any celestial identities or entities. That is not the intention here. The image shows the child feeding its mother. An inborn instinct, a compassion that is inherent in the innocent mind of a child.

In a world, which is racing blindly after material benefits and profits, the most urgent requirement today is what is shown in the photo. Humanism is a dying term, whereas profit and materialism are the words that are living and throbbing with a devilish vitality. Those that cannot keep pace with the mad blind race are doomed to perish.

Perverted Mentality

We are humans and are prone to pain and suffering. We have our moments of despair and pain and tears. We do have our moments of happiness. However, in the way the world is racing, we know and we have seen and we are seeing the truth that selfishness rules supreme. We are concerned with our own welfare, our own happiness. Essentially the happiness we seek is within us. It dwells in our own inner self. We just need to come back to own home, our own self. Yet, we keep running away from it and complain we are not happy. How can we attain that happiness when we are running away from it?

The materialistic world of today makes us run after money and money cannot give us happiness. It can only give us objects. Only transient results flow from transient items. It is like riding a wave. One moment we are at the crest and the next we are in the trough. Yet, we keep on going

The Joy of Giving

Expectation and disappointment are two sides of the same coin. We demand that the person receiving our help thanks us or does something in return or both! That return of kindness might or might not happen. If it happens we are proud and if it does not happen, we are angry and disappointed.. Pride, the old adage reminds us, goes before a fall. Anger is a short madness and disappointment is not a satisfying situation

It is our duty to give. No religious sentiment is being attached to this, here. We need to give without expecting anything in return. It is the giving that is the beginning and the end and in the end is the beginning. Compassion flows without an end. No question is to be asked. Compassion is given with no selfish conditions attached. The welfare of the receiver is the heart of the philosophy of compassion.

Why do you expect thanks for the compassion you show? Of what importance is it to you? It only satisfies your ego, but ego is the main culprit behind most of our unhappiness


Let your heart give. Let it give without any expectation. The sun shines equally on the poor and the rich.  Fire does not differentiate between the strong and the weak. What can burn will burn. The rain falls on the palace and on the hut. No difference is made there. Be the light that lights up the world not the darkness that destroys it.

Let compassion be your natural tendency and compassion will come to you. You are a part of the universe. You need to be happy to make the world happy. Compassion will help the flower in your bloom and let others bloom with you. Let us contribute what we can.

Little drops of water make a mighty ocean. That applies to compassion as well

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