Silence – The Homecoming

The Homecoming

homecomingCourtesy : Ian Turk

Mary, go and call the cattle home — Charles Kingsley 

We have gone far, very far,  far out into the sea of cacophony. We have surrounded ourselves with noises of all sorts. We have lost our orientation. We keep continuing the crazy journey. Everyday we travel farther and farther out into known waters, we know not the perils that await us. We hear a plethora of noises around us. We understand a few words but we lose our connection to the words. They touch the surface of our minds and vanish again into nothingness; a nothingness that is dark, formidably dark and unfathomable. It is time to think of homecoming.

The Madness – Going Away From Home

Let us admit the truth. Let us discard all the excuses. Let us look truth in the eyes. It will be unwise to hide from reality. We have let the industry take control of our life. We need money to live. We do need the basic necessities of life. We need a roof over our heads, the four walls that protect us. We need the warmth, we need the food and we need to quench our thirst. Isn’t it time for the homecoming?

There was a time, worked to live. the times have changed. We are living to work. We cannot deny the fact. We need our expensive cars,  an expensive freezer, an expensive motorcycle, a luxury suit, an bespoke pair of shoes. Then there are the myriad types of flower vases and tea tables and cupboards, chairs, not to speak of the microwave and the list goes on, but have thought about stopping and looking back?  We have lost our way. Do we not need to come home?

No, our needs have not multiplied. Only our wants have skyrocketed.  We try to convince ourselves that we “need” those things that we cannot afford. We have failed to realise that we have been made to think that we need these things that did not exist in our lives until yesterday.  People are happy when the salaries go up, but they do not seem to notice that their wants also go up. We have gone very far away from our centre. We are roaming abroad in the wilderness. Why are we not thinking of turning back and heading for home?

The Illusory Search – The Rabid Mind

Right from the moment the alarm rings in the morning until the time we slum tired into our beds, we are confronted with noise, thoughts, wants and messages that prompt us how we should be. The age-old question, to have or to be,  hovers in the air and we are blind to it. We are deaf. We do not see the writing on the wall.

An expensive car or television or computer does not keep the family happy. It keeps our ego happy and the ego is not easily satisfied and the period of happiness is not long. Our minds are lost in a labyrinth of madness. We are drowning in a sea of noises. Deep inside our self is crying out AHOY.

Minority Rules

The companies are in fact a minority, yet they determine the life of the majority. The majority has stopped to think.  Those who think are again a minority in the mass called majority. Confusing? Yes. That is the way in which the industry lives and thrives. It is a parasite that eats into the soul of the host.

Just imagine if each car owner, say in the whole of the US, decides not to fill fuel for one day, going by statistics of 2014, it will be a whopping amount of an average 19.05 million unused barrels (source) ! Can you imagine the shock the industry would suffer? In just one day? Now you know the power the society has over the industry. YET, we let the industry rule

Introspection – The Need of the Hour

We have worked to make the industry powerful and rich. We have let them take control of our lives. The industries, the people in power, none of wants the society to stop and think and become wise. The moment the individual begins to see the reality and activates his intellect, the foundations of those with vested interests begin to wobble and shake.

We have done what we could for the industry. It is time to stop, to retrace our steps. We need an EMPTY MIND. The signpost reads. HOMECOMING.

Silence – The Homecoming was originally published on Mint Your Fortune


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