Inspiration – Inner Calling

Inspiration – The Silent Music

Why is the word inspiration so important to me now? The answer is very simple. It is that point of time in life where I need it most and something happened that awakened a message within me. What happened , when you look at it, was not something very explosively important, but the impression that had on me was monumental. I shall share that with you. No, it did not come from a millionaire, it did not come from a celebrity, it did not come from politicians. It came from a poor woman called Lek who taught me a big lesson in life: compassion and I am sharing that inspirational message with you.


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The Chaos Around Us

Television, radio, loud aggressive music, songs with expletives, insults, references to the obscene, political speeches loaded with hatred, verbal and physical violence, food contaminated with chemicals, vegetables genetically manipulated. monetary repression, proliferation of weapons, slavery,  racial discrimination, richer countries exploiting the poorer ones, religious domination, declining humanism, weakening tolerance… the list is long,

Our Plight

In the midst of all this turmoil, we have the human being searching for happiness. We are not listening the music of motivation that is echoing in our inner self. The silent music that has the potential to change our lives. We are seeking inspiration from outside, when that power is right here within our own self. We have let ourselves be turned into deaf beings. We have let the industry take control of our lives.

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Looking Inside

Where has compassion vanished? A lot of compassion shown has nothing to do with that term. It is all done with proselytisation in view. religious conversion! Those people have their own axe to grind.  The inspiration there is NOT the one I am talking about. My reference is to the inner growth of the individual. Society is composed of individuals and when the individual improves himself*, the metamorphosis spreads to the society in general.

Courtesy: TED

Let us Listen

If that talk by Joan Halifax does not inspire you, you need to look deep into your own self for the wounds within you. We need to awaken the compassionate self within us, to feel for ourselves and feel for others. Charity begins at home, as the old adage goes. We need the inspiration to rise and grow within us so that we can share it. Unless we are compassionate, we cannot reach out to fellow human beings. We need to go into our self, find out inner self, our inner calling, discover our compassionate self and demonstrate that understanding that has been gifted to us.


Courtesy: Kirk Mann

Ask Your Own Self

My question to you, my dear reader: Are you searching for inspiration outside of your own self? Our motivation should arise in our own self, seek examples around us like: Nick Vujicic


 inspirationCourtesy: Eddie Or


midnight sun Empty Your Mind. Listen To Your Inner Voice

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