Empty Mind . Bright Darkness

empty mind

Empty Mind – The Brilliance Of Darkness

Only an empty mind can be filled. It is light that we can see in darkness. All movements have an unmoving base. Knowing all these universal truths, we are still trying to fight for peace. The mind, in a state of chaos, races to find peace. With a cacophony of words and phrases, we search for peace.

We talk about success but keep falling an easy prey to failures. We cry and cry for happiness. The human being is in a hopeless race, turning round and round in circles. Our minds are far too busy with  searching the horizon for a mythical star. The process of though is wrecked, mangled and defective.

Terminology fills our days, nights, hours, minutes and seconds. Theories whisk us away into clouds of confusion. Tempers flare, nerves are aflame, patience is perilously low.

empty mind

A professor paid a visit to the Zen Master Nan-in (1868-1912) and requested the latter to teach him Zen.

As per the tradition Master Nan-in placed a tea-cup in front and started pouring tea into it. The professor watched, puzzled, as the cup overflowed and the master showed no sign of stopping.

“The cup is full Master Nan-in, it cannot take any more,” said the professor.

The master smiled and said,” You need to empty your mind of all opinion, speculations and judgements. Only after that can your mind be filled with Zen.”

Of course, we need our will power, our passion, on zest to succeed. We all have goals and we need to reach them, we need to make our attempts. Yet, all these can be accomplished meaningfully well only when your mind is healthy and balanced.

empty mind

The stream flows to its final destination, despite the hindrances. The boulders in the path may break the flow but the stream takes back its shape and continues on its journey. Caught amidst a cluster of rocks the stream may take on a different form, yet, it reverts to its individual identity without a demur. The empty mind is ready to be filled in order to be emptied. stagnation is death, the end in the sphere from where there is no return.

Life is never a straight line, it is a flow. Just as the stream meanders through the woods and the boulders and bushes, life moves through paradoxical spheres. At times there is darkness, at times there is light. Keep the mind empty, fill it with experiences. Share the lessons. The empty mind is not empty in the way people understand the word. Describing that state in words is not a useful effort. It is an experience.

The moment is the only truth we have. What happened in the moment before the present is unchangeable. What is going to happen in the next is an unknown factor. These are the two simple truths of life. Humility will help us accept the truth in a healthy way. The empty mind helps us see well, hear well, think well, analyse well and implement our healthy intentions well. Do not be the gigantic tree that gets uprooted in a flood, be the humble blade of grass that bows down as the floods come but raises its head as the waters recede (Quoted from a verse composed by Saint Tukaram.

empty mind

We need an empty mind to be receptive, to see clearly and to reach our goals. A healthy mind is a prerequisite to success.

Empty Mind . Bright Darkness was originally published on Mint Your Fortune


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