Determined To Succeed – You Are Your Own Powerhouse


Are You Determined to Succeed?

If you are not determined to succeed, disappointment is the guaranteed goal you are heading for. Without determination, success is not realistic. You are the only one who can trustingly help yourself. You should prepare the foundation on which you stand and you should prepare the path you are going to travel.

Perseverance is your key, but passion is the fire that should untiringly drive you. Will power alone is not enough. Let passion be the fire that keeps your will power strong. You need to motivate yourself and it is your passion for your goal that will keep your motivation high. Failures on the path are nothing special. They belong to the journey. As you travel your path, you need to gather strength and not lose it. Failures help you steel your inner being.

Fear – Your Enemy

Fear maims and it kills, too. It does you no good. You will be held back, you will stagnate, you will pull yourself down, if you let fear work on you. You will not be able to kill fear until and unless you look fear in the face. Write down what you are afraid of. Write down your solutions. Do not think you have no solutions. You need to look into your mind, see your abilities, see what you have achieved. If you think you have achieved nothing, think again. Every human being has achieved something. If you are determined to succeed, no fear can stop you.It is your choice, your decision. You have the key.

Companions – Choose The Right Ones

You should not look for praises. Nor should you look for people who keep pulling you down. Constructive criticism should always be welcome. You are the only person who can correct your errors. Determination is one thing, determined to openly listen to people is another. You need both. Seek the company of those who can motivate you. See their achievements. Learn from them. There is nothing wrong in copying good characteristics. However, never be dependent on others for your success. See clearly, hear carefully, analyse well and make your decisions without haste. Motivating and inspiring companions are sources of ideas, the source of energy lies in your own being.

determined to succeed


No Excuses, Please!

Yes, that is right. No excuses. There is no point in making excuses and there is no use in making them, apart from helping you to fail. The moment you catch yourself making or seeking excuses, you are discovering your wobbly self-confidence. You need to get back on your feet.determined to succeed

Examples From Real Life

There are a lot of examples of people who were determined to succeed. They have worked hard and succeeded. Untiring efforts, watchful mind, perseverance, passion, have all helped them to  succeed. Determination is something you need to awaken in your own self. You alone are the master. Just as you need no permission from anybody to think, you need no permission from anyone to call up your determination to succeed in life.

“I was considered by all my masters and my father, a very ordinary boy, rather below the common standard of intellect.” If you do not know who said that, you might be surprised that it was Charles Darwin

Motivation For You

Here are a few examples from life. No stories, no illusions, but harsh reality. Spread the news, share this article. Motivate yourself and help motivate others.

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Dominique Moceanu – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

In 1995, at the age of 13½, she became the youngest gymnast to win the senior …. Bricker, despite having no legs, is an acrobat and aerialist who idolized …

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