The Art Of Listening To Silence

Listening To The Silence Within

Listening to silence within is an art, a skill, a beautiful experience. It is homecoming, returning to our roots, to our own centre.

is the perfectest herald of joy:
I were but little happy if I could say how much.
– Shakespeare Much Ado About Nothing

You are going away from you, when you speak. The words are flowing from you into the universe outside. Your mind is lost in ramble of words. Searching for peace we lose ourselves in the  thunder of words, travelling far away from silence. The farther we travel from silence, the more removed are we from peace.

listening to silenceCourtesy: Lets Go Out Bournemouth

We lose our orientation, we lose the calm and we become confused. Our mind is engaged in registering, analysing, storing and evaluating innumerable words, associations, images, sounds and impulses. We are in a state of continuous movement. We are sailing the rough seas and no land is in sight.We are conscious of the cacophony outside and we are not listening to silence.

Our vision is blurred. We see things that are not there, but only those that our conversation seem to suggest. We create a world of images in front of us. We associate words and phrases with the objects within our biased filed of vision. Waves of thought are born and roam in all the wild directions. Impulses guide us and we travel the path that we did not decide to take but that what our contorted processes of thought created.

listening to silenceCourtesy: Steve Babb

We surrender ourselves to the world of commotion that originated within our own self.  The agitated state of the mind creates a secondary  response within us: the thirst for peace. It is time for us to master the skill of listening to silence.


Courtesy: OSHOInternational


Silence is the language of god. All else is poor translation – Rumi

In the world of noise of today, we have forgotten the importance of silence. The material world we experience today indirectly suggests us to step back into the world of silence, to go back into our own self, to the inner home, to the inner sphere of our intrinsically peaceful existence. Listening to silence is not distancing ourselves from the experienced world, but, remaining within the sphere of our experience and the same time practising neutrality. Listening to silence is like being the lotus leaf, which spends its entire life in water without once getting wet.

By practicing stillness in everyday activity we begin to see the complex interrelationships of our life while not becoming caught up in all of them. When you see a Bruce Lee movie where he’s fighting hordes of bad guys, moving like lightning and exploding like thunder, remember that his mind is still, not silent, and yet his activity is fluid, accurate and powerful.
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The more we let ourselves be influenced by the noise around, the more confused we are. Silence is not only the absence of noise, it is also the stilling of the senses. Our senses are active throughout the day. We are exposed to  a lot of stimuli that  keep our sense organs on the run. We are bombarded with millions of sound effects, visual distortions, Thought waves after thought waves keep our mind on a never-ending journey. We need silence more and more.

listening to silenceCourtesy: Scott Smithson

Listening To Silence

If you have not tried listening to silence, why not do it. Close all the doors and windows, turn off all the lights. Keep only a source of soft diffused light. Shut out all the noise you can. Sit on a soft mat or cushion if you can do the cross-legged posture. Else sit on a chair. Keep the back straight. Eyes are to be kept open but focussed on a point on the floor, comfortable enough not to cause eye strain. Just observe your inhalation and exhalation. Do not try to stop any thoughts coming into the mind. You are only breathing in and breathing out. While doing this listen to this as a help. The best is if you can do it without any source of music or sound.


Courtesy: Soft Music & Yoga ~ YogaYak

You will enjoy the silence that the moment brings to your mind. You will notice what you are missing out in life. You will realise what you need the most in your daily life. That is listening to silence to locate that centre of happiness within your own self.

Materialism – Caution

We cannot deny the fact materialism has increased the unhappiness in society. We have today more comfort, more gadgets, more vehicles, more possibilities to travel and we have a lot of noisy equipment. We also have a lot of processed food that is risky. We have more cases of cancer, other form os illnesses. We have a lot of people suffering from depression. We are not noticing the amount of noise; not only auditory but also visual; that surround us. We are victims of both noise and light pollution.

The Journey Into Silence

We spend our entire time listening to others.Our senses are directed outwards. We are running away from our centre and complaining about restlessness. We are not on the run and complain about not sitting. We are on the move, in permanent oscillation. Before we lose our sanity, before we turn the world into an asylum of the mentally crushed, we need to stop, turn back and begin the journey into silence. We need to find our way back home.

We have all heard the saying, aim for the stars, we shall reach the moon. Osho used to say (not the exact words): Our eyes are fixed on the far away that we do not see what is under our nose.

It is time that we started listening to silence. The silence within us. Sshhhhh.


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Gratitude, The Sunshine Within

Gratitude – A Gem

<img class="alignleft wp-image-134 size-medium" src="×199.jpg” alt=”gratitude” width=”300″ height=”199″ />

Mechanical responses are the order of the day. In a world ruled by automatic gestures, words and phrases, the human being has become a mechanical object.

The same applies to the common phrase thank you. Most of the time it is an expression which is a mandatory part of conversation.It has become a phrase without an essence. People want to hear it, speak it and there it ends. There is no resonance from the depth of the heart. The expression is expected and delivered and the theme ends there.

gratitudeCourtesy: BK

The rose blooms for both the rich and the poor, the beautiful and ugly, the joyful and the sad. The bird sing for all, without any discrimination. The stars shine for all, over the palace and the hut. The same with the sun, the moon. The wind does not differentiate between the kind and the cruel.

We are thankful for the ability to earn our livelihood. We are thankful for the sleep that our body and mind needed much. We are thankful for the food. We did not have to go hungry. We are thankful for the bit of sunshine .

Gratitude from the bottom of the heart will bring us joy. We are giving back a bit of happiness to the person(s) who helped us. We have a lot of blessings and we tend to forget them easily. We take many things for granted.


We find our happiness in that one simple attitude, which we tend to conveniently forget. The materialistic world of living has slowly detached us from our own self and sent us racing after objects, without which we could certainly live. Gratitude is something what we live and not what have.

We have invaded the habitat of the animals, of the plants and we have plundered the earth, we have polluted the groundwater, the air and our rubbish is floating in space. We have turned the oceans into vast reservoirs of chemicals and poison. We are not grateful for what nature gives us. We need to go back to the roots, back into our own self. We need to start anew. We need to learn to respect what we have been blessed with.We need to thankful, not in a mechanical way, but genuinely from the bottom of our hearts. It will make us humble. Humility is needed very much today.

Be not the adamant and gigantic tree that gets uprooted in a flood
Be the humble blade of grass that bows down to the waters and
raises its head again, after the waters recede


References to gratitude

Quotes About Thankfulness (153 quotes) – Goodreads

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Moonless Night The Silent Song – Mint Your Fortune

Moonless Night – The Silent Whispering

moonless night

The moonless night elicits no fear. There is no trembling, no feeling of uneasiness. No hidden anxiety is awakened. No repining spirits walk abroad causing discomfort to those who are not blessed by sleep.

The moonless night is one of peace and calm. The skies are dark and the earth is lost in slumber. The stars shine in silence bathing the earth in a very soft silky light.

That is the appearance of the inner sphere of the self. The outer world of daily experience is fraught with discomfort, inconsistencies, imbalance, animosities, anger, sadness and fluctuating moods. Materialism has spread its tentacles and you are torn between the various attractions that promise happiness. Each day the theatre of the absurd continues. You are searching for happiness, for peace and you are waiting for the magic formula to appear. You are waiting for Godot. You are in a moonless night of disarray. not of peace

moonless bightCourtesy : The Unbound Spirit

You let your emotions drag you around. The abstract feeling of anger has the power the power to move the physical body to sudden and unpredictable actions.  Once the energy is spent, you have the new task of repenting what you did, or, you are busy with justifying your actions. The night is moonless but the peace is missing. The human being is dreaming of discovering the secrets of the distant galaxies and he has not even managed to learn the secrets of his own inner self. He is trying to unravel the secrets of  the science of space before learning to manage anger, an emotion that is threatening the very existence of the only planet we have.

The moonless night is that sphere within you, which helps you see light. The light of your own self. You need to unveil the moon within your heart. You need to walk into the valley of flowers within you. You need to be the moon in the moonless night of your inner world. You need to prepare yourself for the happiness that is welling within you. The prerequisite is an empty mind. Let darkness within you give birth to the moon of happiness. You walk around with happiness locked up with in you.

Have you given your share of happiness to the world around you? If you haven’t, how can you get happiness in return? Have you let yourself be ruled by anger? If you have,did you use the tool, called breath? No, I am not spinning yarns. You need no external help to control your anger. You can set a metamorphosis of anger in motion, simply by the right breathing.

Are you wasting your money on trinkets of no use? Have you thought for a moment of the millions of starving children? A tiny amount could bring sunshine into their world and a beautiful moonrise into your heart. Your moonless night will be lit up in a light that flows for you.

The materialism in today’s world has created a new illness. Depression. People with all the material wealth are still not happy. Have you been a good friend? Have you comforted your friends in distress? You need not always give monetary help. Most of the times, all that your friend requires is a listener. A friend who can lend him or her a patient ear without judgement, without logic, without interpretation, a chance to pour out his or her heart,  Compassion is the invisible  moon in the moonless night of the heart. To be divine, you need to be first human.

Go into the moonless night  to listen to your own silent song

moonless night

Moonless Night The Silent Song – Mint Your Fortune was originally published on Mint Your Fortune

Mint Your Fortune In The Secret Cave

Mint Your Fortune

There is no secret here, no mysterious formula, no magic spells, no necromancy and nothing demoniac. Mint your fortune is a command, a prompt to your own inner self. It is a call to recalibrate your scale of values. If you are a subscriber to the materialistic values, you are on the wrong website. You will find enough arguments to talk against the values presented here. If you came here because you thought you could become a millionaire overnight, again, you are on the wrong website. We all need wealth to help us survive in the mundane world. Money is needed to provide us material comforts necessary to survive. There is no call here to take up monastic orders, nor is this is prompt for you to take to renunciation.


Be The Master Not The Slave

Commercialisation has brought you to a difficult point. We need water. You need food but you want a car, a television, a radio etc. You need progress, you want excess. Your list of wants has grown and still keeps growing. You are not noticing that the industrial world is steering a global process of metamorphosis of the society as a whole. The wants  keep increasing and the global society thinks that it has just more needs. Society is undergoing a massive metamorphosis of its inner being. It is being catapulted into an uncontrollably mad race to get as much materialistic benefits as possible within a short space of time.  You are not engaged in the task called mint your fortune. On the contrary you are digging your own premature grave. You are in fact minting for the industry and in the process you are killing yourself. Are you really making your family happy? How much time do you get to spend with your near and dear ones?  Are you not taking the impatience you build up in your office with you when you leave for home? Are you not torturing your family with your temperament?

Why not stop and think. Who decides what you want and what you need? Who is the master? Clearly, you have become the slave. You are letting your mind be controlled. Ask your own mind

mint your fortune

  • What are your needs?
  • What are your wants?

Note those questions in two columns on paper  and write down your answers. Go through the list when you think you are done. Be honest yourself. Once the answers are written down, you need to read your writing. Don’t give yourself excuses in putting things down. Be honest to yourself.

Now put yourself the following questions:

  • How much time do you devote to yourself?
  • Are you able to pursue your dreams?
  • Are you able to put side time for your hobby or hobbies?
  • How many dreams did you give up and why?

The answers may not be very good. You know now: To mint your fortune you need to be the master and not the slave.

The Solution – Empty Mind

You have been running around to find your happiness and you have finally realised that you cannot find it. You cannot let happiness fill your mind, if the latter is already filled with all the chaos of the world. Objects do not give you happiness. You need inner balance, inner harmony. You have the chaos and now you need the silence. You need to go back to the basics of life, the little units of happiness. You need to put yourself at the centre. Your little moments are important to you, your dreams are important to you, your smiles are important to you, your inner wellbeing is important to you. Hence, you should be the driving force to access your own happiness. Mint your fortune in the inner cave. Turn your eyes inwards, Go into the recesses of your soul. Don’t rely on others. You may and you should learn from others. Take what helps, discard what hampers your inner progress.

All the solutions are within you. Access your inner self.


mint your fortune

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Misty Mountain – Jade Pool

Misty Mountain

The eyes are tired. Too many images, too many colours, too many forms, too many contours, too many profiles, too much light and yet too much darkness. The ears are tired, too many jarring notes, too many voices, too much sound, too many words, too many sentences. The intellect is tired. Too many words with too much ambiguity. Sentences that say a lot and yet nothing the implicit emptiness of something apparently full. Semantic degeneration. Too less sympathetic resonance. Words ricochet off the mind, off the heart, of the intellect. The limbs are tired. Too much movement. Most of the time movements that mean physical labour without intellectual enrichment. Movements meant to satisfy unknown urges, to reach endless materialistic goals, which unceremoniously keep multiplying and one feels like the proverbial donkey trotting along to reach the carrot hung in front by the rider. Why is the misty mountain  so fascinating? Yet, it is frightening, challenging. The human mind falters, pulls itself back into form and casts a look at the misty mountain, at the daunting view. Insurmountable! A small whisper from far beyond.


misty mountain


Courtesy: Rajesh

The mental faculties are challenged. They are kept in continuous  motion. A meaningless task of juggling figures and objectives. The goal that was apparently near is all of a sudden very far, too far to reach. Calculations after calculations, innumerable papers containing words, phrases, diagrams etc., all outcome of complex and tiring processes of thought. Night after night one burns the midnight oil, trying to find a solution to a very grave problem. A problem that steals his sleep, his peace, his energy. It saps his strength, his motivation.  The misty mountain looms in front of the mind’s eye. The mist is thick and blurs the vision. The mountain is high, difficult to climb. Was there the noise of shackles? Of unseen chains that hinder the freedom of the limbs? The misty mountain seems to be ever-present.


Jade Lake

Material wealth did not bring peace, will not bring peace. The desire keeps growing. Happiness becomes the carrot the donkey is trying to reach. The road is rough, dusty, filled with stones, potholes, boulders, puddles and at times thorns. The wind is unpredictable, it blows dust into the tired eyes. The misty mountain still looms frighteningly in front.

misty mountainCourtesy : Tide Water, Florida

Time to stop. Time to stop viewing the misty mountain, the dusty road, the stones strewn along the path. Close the eyes. How beautiful was spring? The little flowers in the meadow smile in the sunshine. The grass is green with a freshness that fascinates the mind. The butterflies, although with a very short span of life flit happily from flower to flower to appease its little hunger, The birds sing, calling to their mates. The wind caresses the leaves that dance in joy.

Lunch was tasty. The hunger is gone, It was a pleasure to drink that cool water after a long walk in the hot sun. How pleasing was the shade of the tree. Compassion  in practice. A little bird enjoys a little bath in a small puddle. A stork is patiently waiting in the pool for a fish to come up.

Little moments of joy, the little jade lakes that fill your heart. Moments, which, when put together, create a larger scenario of happiness. You have the power to choose to be happy. Your craze for material luxury has brought you to this pitiable state. You are living for your employer and making him richer and richer, whilst you become poorer and poorer. When are you going to think of your own welfare?

You were born to fly,Why crawl? — Rumi 

Why have you closed your eyes to the blessings you have? The colours around you, the music around you, the beautiful trees, the grass, the flowers, the birds and the fruit that mother nature offers you? Why have you filled your life with material objects, imitations when you have the original beauty in front of you? The great fountain of peace is within you. You have locked up  yourself in the darkness and whine.  Why have you closed your doors to happiness that is by nature yours?

Alas, for thy madness sore!
Fortune awaits outside,
But thou wilt not open the door. – Rumi

Empty your mind, let it become the receptacle of happiness pouring forth from your inner springs. Centre yourself within your own inner self. It is your intrinsic nature to be happy. Let not the foggy mountain steal your sleep.

There is no way to happiness.
Happiness is the way – Thich Nhat Hanh

Why search for the sun in the sky, when you are carrying your own sunshine in your heart. Why depend on others for happiness, when your essence is happiness?

Conclusion – The Empty Mind

Let the misty mountain  vanish into the mist. Let the jade lake of happiness spread its music of silence.



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Harmony – Inner Balance

Harmony – The Empty Mind

We have been gifted with the beautiful faculty of imagination. We have been blessed with the adorable ability to meditate.We are able to balance between the extremes in life. We can remain sit in the darkness of the night and contemplate on the beauty of the light blending into the blackness surrounding us. We are able to sit in the silence and let the sweet notes of music caress us. We are able to walk the snowed in roads on a wintry morning and appreciate the warmth the woollen coat gives us. We are  tuned into the harmony that is an essential part of our being.

We know the joy of a glass of cold water, after coming in from a hot afternoon. We are happy as we experience the comfortable temperature of the room. On  a hot sunny afternoon, as we stand under the cool comfortable shade of a tree, we are thankful for the cool breeze that briskly passes us. After a hot and torrid summer, we are grateful for the blessing called rain, that  quenches not the only thirst of the earth but also the thirst of our minds. We are experiencing the harmony that has been built into our very self

harmonyCourtesy: Mo

We are gladdened by the twilight sunlight, the beautiful play of colours that nature presents us. We  pay nothing for the spectacle of colours and light and we are even blessed by the feeling of happiness in seeing the brilliance of colours after the glare of the day. Our hearts fill with happiness as the silver moon shows up in the dark expanse of the vast endless sky. The millions and millions of tiny little stars make us smile. Happiness fills us as we see the butterflies flitting from flower to flower. We are fascinated by the bees that visit thousands of flowers to gather the honey that we enjoy.

<img class="aligncenter wp-image-112 size-medium" src="×300.png” alt=”yinyang_wm” width=”300″ height=”300″ />

May we be an empty vessel, which can be filled with the happiness that is an intrinsic part of our being. Vessels that are full cannot be filled. We need to become empty to experience the sense of richness.  The richness of being empty, to oscillate in a state of perfect stillness. The music of silence, the company of solitude where harmony is a continuous flow.

Happiness is our very being. We are the ones that need to keep the clouds from covering the sun shining within us




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Sunshine In the Heart – Beyond The Night

In Search Of Sunshine




Courtesy: cuio

Tired after a day’s work, slumped into a chair or a sofa, with your cup of tea, you close your eyes and heave a deep sigh. Another day has ended and in a few hours another day will begin. A heavy listlessness sits heavily on you. Despair and unhappiness show in your breath.  For a brief moment you are caught in the grips of frustration. How can life be so meaningless? What am I living for?  As you close your eyes, you feel a heavy viscous flood of darkness descend upon your heart. Where is the sunshine, you ask yourself. You are immersed in the world you call your own. You look around but find no sunshine. Your world is full of noise and yet it is silent. You are among the people during the day and yet you are alone.

Why Are You Running Away?

sunshineCourtesy: @ly$ in wonderland

You are worried about your performance, about your sales, about the responses from customers, bout the fluctuating world markets, about the slow development of the interest in the products you sell, about the motivation of your employees, about the productivity in general, about losing your job, about the rising cost of living. Well, let us put it in very simple and honest terms: you are worried and you are not happy.

Osho once said, your attention is focused on the stars and you do not see what is under your nose. Your dreams are high and dynamic, as the industry puts it. You are pursuing a goal, a higher goal. Prosperity of your employer. You need your job, your salary, your house, your car, your television or what you will.

STOP – Time For Introspection

Here are some questions you need to put yourself. Do not try to escape with lame answers. Being dishonest is not going to help, because your conscience knows the answers.

  • How much time do you devote to yourself?
  • How much time do you take for enjoying your food?
  • How much time do your dedicate to your own self?
  • How much time do you keep aside for your wife or girlfriend (husband or boyfriend)?
  • How much time do you spend with your children, fully engaged in their activities?
  • How much time do you invest in silence?

Very simple questions and how were your answers?

Far Far Away – Manipulated Mind

Feeling embarrassed? Poor answers? Feeling bad? No need to. Your mind is functioning the way the industry wants to. You are no more the master of your mind and you did not even notice it. You were and are thinking for your employer. In the process you left yourself behind. If your company says that the welfare of your family is of utmost importance to them, then why are you getting so less time to spend with your loved ones?

The Sunshine In A Moonless Night

Your employer cannot give you happiness. You cannot buy your happiness. No matter what the economists try to tell you, the  simple truth is that nobody can sell you happiness and nobody can buy happiness. Alcohol will not give you happiness. It will give you a temporary high and a later pain in the form of illness.  The same with all the harmful habits such as smoking, drugs or even unnecessary eating

Your happiness is within you. You are walking around with an undiscovered treasure. You are searching for what you are keeping deeply buried within you. You have done far more research in the outside world than within your own self.  Why are you turning your eyes from the sunshine from your inner sky?

The venerable Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh said:

We will be more successful in all our endeavours if we can let go of the habit of running all the time, and take little pauses to relax and re-centre ourselves. And we’ll also have a lot more joy in living.

Just Be

You need to come back home. The homecoming is what you need. You have run around a lot, you are tired, you are involuntarily searching for something you  are carrying within you all the time. Come back to the sunshine within you instead of loitering around abroad, By discovering the light within you, you will become the sun that shines over others.

Look into the eyes of  the children as they play. They have an inherent sense of happiness.  They need no reason to be happy, they are happy. just happy. You need to grow back into your childhood, to be yourself. You need to find your own self, that you left behind as you went on your search.

Listen to your inner voice, hear what your partner has to say, feel it yourself, open out, let your personality bloom. It is not what your employer wants that is important, but what you want and what you need.

Listen to music that calms, not what makes your mind agitated. Silence is what you need, inner silence. Only then you can hear your self speak to you. Only then you can speak to your self. Discover the sunshine in your inner sky. You are your sun and your moon. You are your light and you create your darkness.





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Compassion – The Need Of The Day


Courtesy:  Imgur

Compassion – Down To Earth

NO! It is not about religion here, which is a very risky term. Down to earth and humanism in the centre of this contemplative topic. It is the reader’s freedom to interpret and at times there is the risk of misinterpretation. It is to be explicitly understood that NO religion is meant here. Points may be taken from philosophies but there is favouritism intended here. Compassion is not the copyright of any religion.

No Escapism

The point here is not attributing compassion to any divinity or the any celestial identities or entities. That is not the intention here. The image shows the child feeding its mother. An inborn instinct, a compassion that is inherent in the innocent mind of a child.

In a world, which is racing blindly after material benefits and profits, the most urgent requirement today is what is shown in the photo. Humanism is a dying term, whereas profit and materialism are the words that are living and throbbing with a devilish vitality. Those that cannot keep pace with the mad blind race are doomed to perish.

Perverted Mentality

We are humans and are prone to pain and suffering. We have our moments of despair and pain and tears. We do have our moments of happiness. However, in the way the world is racing, we know and we have seen and we are seeing the truth that selfishness rules supreme. We are concerned with our own welfare, our own happiness. Essentially the happiness we seek is within us. It dwells in our own inner self. We just need to come back to own home, our own self. Yet, we keep running away from it and complain we are not happy. How can we attain that happiness when we are running away from it?

The materialistic world of today makes us run after money and money cannot give us happiness. It can only give us objects. Only transient results flow from transient items. It is like riding a wave. One moment we are at the crest and the next we are in the trough. Yet, we keep on going

The Joy of Giving

Expectation and disappointment are two sides of the same coin. We demand that the person receiving our help thanks us or does something in return or both! That return of kindness might or might not happen. If it happens we are proud and if it does not happen, we are angry and disappointed.. Pride, the old adage reminds us, goes before a fall. Anger is a short madness and disappointment is not a satisfying situation

It is our duty to give. No religious sentiment is being attached to this, here. We need to give without expecting anything in return. It is the giving that is the beginning and the end and in the end is the beginning. Compassion flows without an end. No question is to be asked. Compassion is given with no selfish conditions attached. The welfare of the receiver is the heart of the philosophy of compassion.

Why do you expect thanks for the compassion you show? Of what importance is it to you? It only satisfies your ego, but ego is the main culprit behind most of our unhappiness


Let your heart give. Let it give without any expectation. The sun shines equally on the poor and the rich.  Fire does not differentiate between the strong and the weak. What can burn will burn. The rain falls on the palace and on the hut. No difference is made there. Be the light that lights up the world not the darkness that destroys it.

Let compassion be your natural tendency and compassion will come to you. You are a part of the universe. You need to be happy to make the world happy. Compassion will help the flower in your bloom and let others bloom with you. Let us contribute what we can.

Little drops of water make a mighty ocean. That applies to compassion as well

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Silence – The Homecoming

The Homecoming

homecomingCourtesy : Ian Turk

Mary, go and call the cattle home — Charles Kingsley 

We have gone far, very far,  far out into the sea of cacophony. We have surrounded ourselves with noises of all sorts. We have lost our orientation. We keep continuing the crazy journey. Everyday we travel farther and farther out into known waters, we know not the perils that await us. We hear a plethora of noises around us. We understand a few words but we lose our connection to the words. They touch the surface of our minds and vanish again into nothingness; a nothingness that is dark, formidably dark and unfathomable. It is time to think of homecoming.

The Madness – Going Away From Home

Let us admit the truth. Let us discard all the excuses. Let us look truth in the eyes. It will be unwise to hide from reality. We have let the industry take control of our life. We need money to live. We do need the basic necessities of life. We need a roof over our heads, the four walls that protect us. We need the warmth, we need the food and we need to quench our thirst. Isn’t it time for the homecoming?

There was a time, worked to live. the times have changed. We are living to work. We cannot deny the fact. We need our expensive cars,  an expensive freezer, an expensive motorcycle, a luxury suit, an bespoke pair of shoes. Then there are the myriad types of flower vases and tea tables and cupboards, chairs, not to speak of the microwave and the list goes on, but have thought about stopping and looking back?  We have lost our way. Do we not need to come home?

No, our needs have not multiplied. Only our wants have skyrocketed.  We try to convince ourselves that we “need” those things that we cannot afford. We have failed to realise that we have been made to think that we need these things that did not exist in our lives until yesterday.  People are happy when the salaries go up, but they do not seem to notice that their wants also go up. We have gone very far away from our centre. We are roaming abroad in the wilderness. Why are we not thinking of turning back and heading for home?

The Illusory Search – The Rabid Mind

Right from the moment the alarm rings in the morning until the time we slum tired into our beds, we are confronted with noise, thoughts, wants and messages that prompt us how we should be. The age-old question, to have or to be,  hovers in the air and we are blind to it. We are deaf. We do not see the writing on the wall.

An expensive car or television or computer does not keep the family happy. It keeps our ego happy and the ego is not easily satisfied and the period of happiness is not long. Our minds are lost in a labyrinth of madness. We are drowning in a sea of noises. Deep inside our self is crying out AHOY.

Minority Rules

The companies are in fact a minority, yet they determine the life of the majority. The majority has stopped to think.  Those who think are again a minority in the mass called majority. Confusing? Yes. That is the way in which the industry lives and thrives. It is a parasite that eats into the soul of the host.

Just imagine if each car owner, say in the whole of the US, decides not to fill fuel for one day, going by statistics of 2014, it will be a whopping amount of an average 19.05 million unused barrels (source) ! Can you imagine the shock the industry would suffer? In just one day? Now you know the power the society has over the industry. YET, we let the industry rule

Introspection – The Need of the Hour

We have worked to make the industry powerful and rich. We have let them take control of our lives. The industries, the people in power, none of wants the society to stop and think and become wise. The moment the individual begins to see the reality and activates his intellect, the foundations of those with vested interests begin to wobble and shake.

We have done what we could for the industry. It is time to stop, to retrace our steps. We need an EMPTY MIND. The signpost reads. HOMECOMING.

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Inspiration – Inner Calling

Inspiration – The Silent Music

Why is the word inspiration so important to me now? The answer is very simple. It is that point of time in life where I need it most and something happened that awakened a message within me. What happened , when you look at it, was not something very explosively important, but the impression that had on me was monumental. I shall share that with you. No, it did not come from a millionaire, it did not come from a celebrity, it did not come from politicians. It came from a poor woman called Lek who taught me a big lesson in life: compassion and I am sharing that inspirational message with you.


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The Chaos Around Us

Television, radio, loud aggressive music, songs with expletives, insults, references to the obscene, political speeches loaded with hatred, verbal and physical violence, food contaminated with chemicals, vegetables genetically manipulated. monetary repression, proliferation of weapons, slavery,  racial discrimination, richer countries exploiting the poorer ones, religious domination, declining humanism, weakening tolerance… the list is long,

Our Plight

In the midst of all this turmoil, we have the human being searching for happiness. We are not listening the music of motivation that is echoing in our inner self. The silent music that has the potential to change our lives. We are seeking inspiration from outside, when that power is right here within our own self. We have let ourselves be turned into deaf beings. We have let the industry take control of our lives.

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Looking Inside

Where has compassion vanished? A lot of compassion shown has nothing to do with that term. It is all done with proselytisation in view. religious conversion! Those people have their own axe to grind.  The inspiration there is NOT the one I am talking about. My reference is to the inner growth of the individual. Society is composed of individuals and when the individual improves himself*, the metamorphosis spreads to the society in general.

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Let us Listen

If that talk by Joan Halifax does not inspire you, you need to look deep into your own self for the wounds within you. We need to awaken the compassionate self within us, to feel for ourselves and feel for others. Charity begins at home, as the old adage goes. We need the inspiration to rise and grow within us so that we can share it. Unless we are compassionate, we cannot reach out to fellow human beings. We need to go into our self, find out inner self, our inner calling, discover our compassionate self and demonstrate that understanding that has been gifted to us.


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Ask Your Own Self

My question to you, my dear reader: Are you searching for inspiration outside of your own self? Our motivation should arise in our own self, seek examples around us like: Nick Vujicic


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midnight sun Empty Your Mind. Listen To Your Inner Voice

Inspiration – Inner Calling was originally published on Mint Your Fortune