Comfort Zone – The Crouching Coward In Us

Comfort Zone – Your Subterfuge

This subterfuge will not save us, will not launch us on to the path of progress, hoist us on to the pedestal of self-determined paths. You agree to the common practices, you follow the trodden path. You are proud to belong to the masses, to be a part of the general structure, to be an integral  component of the society that is called “acceptable”.  You walk in the steps of the person in front, but without posing questions. you pose only questions, that are deemed docile and acceptable. You ask what is presentable, what is considered polite in the general sense. Your ears are tuned in for the voices of disagreement. You would cringe on hearing a tone of dissonance. A disagreement to your words, your decisions, your thoughts, your ideas and many more. You keep to your comfort zone. You have accepted the crouching coward in you.


You have a job, a salary, a regular working schedule and you are happy. You THINK you are happy, you ASSUME you are happy. Your salary may or may not increase. You may or may not keep your job. you KNOW these facts, You have pushed them to the inner most labyrinths of your memory, into the deepest darkest recesses. You do not want to face them. You KNOW your employer is making profit from the abilities YOU possess. You KNOW your employer makes profit from YOUR efforts. You do not want to face the truth. You do not want to accept the fact. You push it into the backyard of your memories.  You are subjugated and you revel in your freedom. You have found your comfort zone where there is no real comfort.


You can think, you can analyse, you can interpret words, you can gauge the strength of the words by analysing semantics. You are a sales person, you know the art of persuasion. You know how to gauge the moods of the people, You know when a sale becomes effective, you know how to use words to sell your product, you are the master of the art of digression in a conversation to softly drive home your point. You know how to present a product to your advantage in the shortest possible time.

What Are You Doing In the Chair Of An Employee?

With all those abilities, you are letting an employer use you? Why? Because you are docile, because you are the master of self-deception, because you are a conformist. You have let your courage degenerate, you have mastered the art of artful cowardice to fit into the right angle in society. You have sold your individuality to the masses, You searched out for yourself your comfort zone and surrendered your own individual independence.

The Path Of The Rebel : The Other Comfort Zone

Ever thought of putting all your abilities on paper and having a look at them? Did you have a look at the possibilities LocationRebel offers? You are not given a magic formula, You are given a chance to discover your own abilities and to channel them to your profit. Why don’t you discover the power of writing? Reviews? Articles for websites? News releases? Brochures? You have artistic abilities, why not try to see what opportunities you have out there? Searched? The world is milling with smartphones. How about developing apps?  Web solutions? Chris visited every country in the world. why can’t we? Sean gave up his finance job to travel, play golf and earn money by SEO among other things. There is no illusionary comfort zone here, One becomes the master of one’s own destiny. If you have the courage, go ahead and have a look at LocationRebel for yourself.

Comfort Zone – The Crouching Coward In Us was originally published on Mint Your Fortune


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