The Art of Rebellion – Steely Softness

The Art of Rebellion – Standing Straight

Being docile is appreciated very much and most of the time it is the acceptable form of behaviour set down as the unwritten law. It is the behaviour that everyone is trained in and it is the framework, which we all unrelentingly accept as our inner quality. We learn to agree to almost everything, we become submissive, pliable, soft and easy victims of manipulation. Our protests remain silent ones and we swallow our pride, nurse our wounds and suffer alone. We have been taught to bow down, to accept what has been thrust on our shoulders, to respond in a particular way, to accept what we are handed out and show our gratitude to things, which have not been helpful to us. We have learnt to dance to the tune played to us, move to pre-taught  rhythm and suppress our own wishes and ways of thinking. We have not learnt to stand straight, we have not learnt to stand up and question, to voice our opinions the way we would like to. We have not mastered the art of standing up.


FOR THE LOVE OF MOTION: The Art of Rebellion

The Art of Rebellion. I have named this month, “Rebellious October” – is the month of challenging my identify of self. This is the month for rebelling against the “learned” idea of who I am. what I do, the way I feel comfortable …

Waking Up

Why have we lost the courage to stand up and say NO, when we mean NO? Why are we saying YES, when we would like to shout NO? Why are we not brave enough to refuse something, when we do not like it? Why are we not bold enough to rebel, when we know something goes against our principles. No, I do not mean to declare war on anything, I am simply against being docile all the time. Life is an individual journey and we have, at times, companions and times we have to trudge alone. There are things that we may accept and there are things, which we may refuse and then there are those that we may fully ignore. The process of waking up has to be brought back into the foreground. Only then rebellion becomes metamorphosed into an art. The art of resistance is born only when we are ready to wake up.
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Society is made up of individuals and individuals may be moulded by society, but that is not a MUST. We are all unique, why do we want to lose that quality by being a part of the whole? We can perfectly be the part of the whole without losing our identity. We do not have to be submissive. Hence, you need to look into the mirror, look at yourself, look into yourself and then ask your own heart the question, why you have to put yourself behind and be someone else? Why do you have to sacrifice your dreams? Why can you not chalk out your own path? It is time, you relearned and perfected the art of rebellion.

Self-Inflicted Slavery

You have left behind your resistance, your ability to stand up and assert yourself. An entrepreneur cannot afford to be that way, for, then, he would fail and know no success.You are chained to a job, to a salary that may or may not increase. You are bound to the whims and fancies of your employer, not all are open-minded. Your family is not important to your employer. What counts is only the profit, that show up on the annual balance. Your family has no importance there. The only point in question is, can you bring in the profit or not, and even if you are successful in bringing that profit in, what do you gain? A promotion? A (probable) increment? The former means you will have more chains attached to you and the latter will be the consolation for the former. You accept it and sink deeper into the pit of slavery.

You would like to enjoy a long holiday on a sunny beach and be free from the daily stress. You would like to take a break and indulge in your hobbies? You would like to  hop on a plane and visit a far off land. Can you do all that? No! you need to get your leave sanctioned, permissions need to be in place, someone needs to be assigned your task in your absence. You cannot escape. You cannot even go for a lunch break, when you want to.

Can you blame your employer? You can, but it makes no sense. You know very well, you chose to be in that position, in that predicament. It was your choice. You did not opt to resist the rules. You decided to go along with the flow, You let yourself be carried away, you were too weak to resist and swim against the current. You floated along but forgot to steal the strength of the current and turn it to your own advantage. You forgot to use the art of rebellion.

Entrepreneurship – Rebellion In Its Pristine Form

It does not always have to be a war, a conflict or a storm. Rebellion can be a form of restructuring your environment, of making others revise their thinking. The public will follow a prefabricated path. You wish to be yourself, without isolating yourself. You want to accepted and be part of the social fabric, but you want to be that part in your own way.You will move along with the masses but people will notice the difference, the unique nature of your movement. That is the implementation of the art of rebelling the soft way. Entrepreneurship is only for the bold and we all have boldness in us.

When you looked at yourself in the mirror, you saw your abilities. You only have to decide to use those abilities become your own boss. Work where you want, take a break when you want, travel where you want. You can do that only when you become self-employed. Learn to say NO, when you mean NO and YES when you mean YES, Decide to put that into practice. Nobody can take the decision for you. You have to learn  rebellion.



References to The Art of Rebellion and Resistance


Chinese art during the Cultural Revolution: Expressions of rebellion …

Jun 3, 2013 … Their art was a rebellion against “the pattern of brutality, narrow-mindedness, hypocrisy, and irrationality” institutionalised during the Cultural …

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