Bloody Sleep

I lay my head upon your alabaster breast,
My eyes I closed, my heart needed rest.
The night came in, as I closed my eyes,
And blood spread across the endless skies.

No hugs! The arms were made to kill.
The lips! My blood, they drank their fill.
It was the kiss, the sweet kiss of death.
Betwixt your thighs, the strangulated breath.

That was the orgasm of infernal love.
Fornication in the heavens above.
The lips above and lips below
Both with the devil’s venom glow.

It was in the silence of the clammy night
Where darkness strangulated the light
Where dreams stole the needed peace
And me into a living death did ease

No more do I yearn for that alabaster breast
Cursed is my soul! No more, alas! blest
This will repeat! the dreadful night
A life in darkness, devoid of light

And yet, it will not die, in me the fire
Of the onslaught, I shan’t ever tire
My fire will burn betwixt your thighs
And comets shall blaze across the skies

Your breasts will come alive with the fire of life
And passion will drown the burning strife
Desire will, once again, singe your breath
The orgasm of life, the death of death


4 thoughts on “Bloody Sleep

  1. In a way yes. Passion, definitely. It is, in fact, a poem repeated. It is somewhere on the blog here. As I wrote it the last time, I lost the flow and ended it where it did. However, the strain remained in my mind and then a few day back I happened to see the film The Dead Poet Society, which I wanted to, for a long time (after all I was a teacher myself and a student of English literature). And then as I sat here the line came and I published the poem straight away! As usual, it is unedited.

    My last few weeks have been spent on a work, that has nothing to do with literature or poesy. Been working hard on my two websites ( and, which are paving my way towards self-employment. The first site is technical in nature and the second one carries a lot from my own life experience. So in some way, the second site and the film fired the poem

    The passion is still burning inside and it will continue to burn. 🙂


  2. Happy New Year, Suren. I don’t know how I missed your reply, but I did! I’ve just had a look at mintyourfortune – sounds intriguing – how is it progressing? I know that 2015 will be successful for you 🙂


    • Thank you Bianca.
      wish you a happy new year, too. Wishing you lots of love, warmth, sunshine, success, good health and warmth.

      Yes, at times intriguing. But all real. The people I have mentioned have made it, motivated me and 2015 will see my success. Editing a tiny book of short stories for my first foray into the published book world. Going for a Kindle version. small baby steps xx


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