Passion – The Fire That Fuels You

Why Passion?

Before you read the article, watch this video. If this girl can achieve her goal, why can’t YOU achieve yours? This video should awaken the passion for success in you.

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The person who stops dreaming has stopped living. The person who has no passion cannot force his dreams to become reality. Fuel is the most important necessary item for fire to burn and without that fuel, the fire will die out. The more the fuel the more the intensity of the fire. The same applies to vehicles. No fuel, no motion. No motion, no progress.A person without dreams is a person who has stopped living and is moving in circle of stagnation.A person who dreams, but has no passion. is sitting on his wealth that brings him no good.


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We have been given the power of thought, of analysis, of objectivity, of dreams.Thoughts are the roots of action, but also of dreams. We can analyse situations, view mentally the pros and cons, we can evaluate an idea, a hypothesis. We can translate into reality an idea that has been thought out even partially. We have also been given the ability to dream, to visualise and to create a mental reality of what we like and what we love. We can dream the minutest of the details of what we love. We can add, subtract or multiply items. We can make the dreams more interesting. We have been given the power to phantasise, to create in our vast endless mental sphere a beautiful world of what we like and love. The journey into this dream and through this dream is endless and we can keep on extending the journey. We can dream of it as we walk, as we jog and as we sleep and as we lie awake in bed. As the days go by, we can build the dream from the foundation upwards, the beautiful superstructure and the final crowning.


However, dreaming alone does not help us fully. We need to translate dreams into reality. We need to force the mind to work the way we want it to, which means we need to steer it to the path we want it to go. The only way to do it to force it, suggest it, coax it, cajole, suggest it and help it by visualising. All these activities can work only by injecting passion into the process.

Not Just Passion Alone But Clarity In Focus

Too many points to focus mean distraction and energy spread out and dissipated. The vision is to be pointed, the goal is to be in focus, the periphery should not be forgotten, but the focus has to be very clearly defined. We must tell ourselves what we need to achieve. You have a desire to improve your writing. Focus your mind on writing, the subsidiary points that will help you improve that will fall into place. You need to improve your diction, your grammar, you need to improve your vocabulary, your choice of synonyms and antonyms. You need to learn to talk to yourself and act as the listener, you need to know the way the words are to be placed and all the time your mind is focussed very clearly on ONE thing : your goal.


Jackie Lithgow: A story of hope and determination

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Fusing Clarity And Zest Into A Powerhouse

You mind is focussed, your goal is clearly etched into you mind. You breath your wish, you live your wish, your thoughts are focussed on what you want to achieve, every moment of your day is filled with your goal and your mind slowly gets directed to the possibilities out there. You are automatically led to the people whose way of thinking will help you enrich your thoughts, give you motivation, subtle messages to help you reformulate your thinking. Your choice of words in conversation changes, your eyes automatically search out books that will help you, you find the websites because your search phrases are influenced by your way of thinking which is slowly undergoing a metamorphosis. Your concentrated visualisation is being injected into your thoughts, your actions, your words and conversation. Your ears have become selective, your intellect is motivated to choose, filter and adapt what it perceives. Without this determination you will not be able to achieve the full result.

Determination pays off for Danby mom

It was not without struggles and setbacks, but in the end determination got Vanessa Adams to where she is today, a 38-year-old single mother about to graduate with a degree in Business Administration from Ithaca College. After graduating with honors

Conclusion – Dreams Turning Into Reality

The passion, which you injected into your dreams flows unhindered into your mental and intellectual functioning. Your whole being gets transformed into a powerhouse of progress. There is no miracle happening. You are using your own inborn abilities to convert your dream into reality.Your determination helped you focus and it guided you to your goal.





References to determination and passion for progress


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