Keep The Focus – Keeping The Course

Keep The Focus

Years of trials and tribulation taught me a very important truth: keep calm and maintain objectivity. Keep the focus was the silent command that always kept repeating itself in the background. All my energy was spent in maintaining an inner balance. Trying to remain sane was not easy but necessary. Failure after failure was  sapping my strength and I kept up the tight rope walk as best as I could. The focus was mainly on the balance and hence, there was more stagnation than progress.

Stagnation – Result of Fear

'Fear' from 'The Expression of Emotions in Man and Animals' London 1872.  Charles Darwin (1809-1882)

We remain in the same square but we think we are moving forward. This illusion needs to be broken in order to move forward. We are afraid of changes and this leads us to remain in the framework we place ourselves in. Moving out of the framework will make us insecure, so we think and remain imprisoned in the illusion we have created for ourselves. Our focus is on our apparently secure position. The employment brings regular income and we feel secure. We do not want to change. So we remain in the same old place, with the same old thinking, with the same old values and every once in a while we venture to dream a bit. However, we are afraid that any change will shatter the perfect frame. Result is stagnation. We think we focus well, but in fact our eyes are dazed.

The Thunderbolt Strikes

keep the focusCourtesy: Richard Giles

The newspapers bring the first news. The figures are disappointing , the demand is going down etc and as you read, your fears are waking up, you feel discomfort building up. Your employer brings out the annual report and you read the negative words and you feel the knot in your stomach tightening. Redundancy is looming but you do not know whether you will be one of the victims. Many other fears raise their unholy heads. Your income is in danger, your mortgage is in danger, your newly bought house is, all of a sudden, on a wobbly foundation. You scour the newspapers for possible jobs.


Time To Fight , Not to Fall

There are times, when we need to be in the defensive. It does not mean we are losing but we are gaining time to gather energy. We find ourselves far too much in the defensive role, when it comes to earning our livelihood. We are afraid to move forward, to take the bold step and change the course. We are afraid to leave the trodden path and strike out a new one. This is the time to stop and think. If the road hitherto has not brought us to anything positive, what is the meaning in following it? Why continue travelling the same path? However, there is one point that we are missing here.  One important question is to be asked. Honesty to one’s own self is very important. It may be embarrassing but it must be asked. What is it that is stopping us from striking out a new path? Why are we not ready to change our course? The questions have only one honest answer. We have to race it. Resistance. We are resistant to change, to any form of change and the result we stagnate, we procrastinate, we postpone, we walk around, we find excuses. We are submitting ourselves to one of the worst enemies, namely resistance.


The War – Gaining Focus

keep the focus

We are masters of excuses. We are all courageous in many things but we utterly fail to look at ourselves, when it comes to resistance.  We need to shift our focus to a completely different area, that is, not excuses but to uproot the evil that is chaining us. We are afraid of unemployment, of losing our income, of  losing the apparently secure framework in which we are comfortable. We ignore the risks of the employment market, we ignore the fact that the employers have an unimaginably vast power over our life, we ignore the truth that we could be made redundant any moment and that we have no power to fight against it, let alone means. You are powerless. So you thought. Stop! Think again. Gain focus.

The employer profited from your abilities. How about you? You know your abilities and talents were turned into money but you saw nothing of it in your salary. Your employer proudly announces his annual report and praises you for your efforts. The praises are not going to show on your bank balance. Your abilities: That is the key phrase for you. It is your time to declare war. But on whom? On your employer? No, on YOU. You have to focus on yourself, on your abilities, on your talents but also on your weaknesses. Turn your weaknesses into strength. However, before you do that you need to first wage a war against your prime enemy. He is not your employer, not your neighbour, not the competitor. Your enemy is within you. He goes by the simple name of RESISTANCE.


Conclusion: Keep The Focus


In order to keep the course, you need to keep the focus and to do that you need to overcome the enemy called resistance. It is not a wise decision to invent the wheel. Think about your abilities, write a list, write down your weaknesses, too, note down what you WISH to do and HOW, research your possibilities and before doing anything else further, read this tiny book.  The War of Art: Break Through the Blocks and Win Your Inner Creative Battles . I am grateful for having read it and I shall keep on reading it. After having read the book, you should take the decision to keep the focus on your goal to overcome resistance.

Keep The Focus – Keeping The Course was originally published on Mint Your Fortune


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