Comfort Zone – The Crouching Coward In Us

Comfort Zone – Your Subterfuge

This subterfuge will not save us, will not launch us on to the path of progress, hoist us on to the pedestal of self-determined paths. You agree to the common practices, you follow the trodden path. You are proud to belong to the masses, to be a part of the general structure, to be an integral  component of the society that is called “acceptable”.  You walk in the steps of the person in front, but without posing questions. you pose only questions, that are deemed docile and acceptable. You ask what is presentable, what is considered polite in the general sense. Your ears are tuned in for the voices of disagreement. You would cringe on hearing a tone of dissonance. A disagreement to your words, your decisions, your thoughts, your ideas and many more. You keep to your comfort zone. You have accepted the crouching coward in you.


You have a job, a salary, a regular working schedule and you are happy. You THINK you are happy, you ASSUME you are happy. Your salary may or may not increase. You may or may not keep your job. you KNOW these facts, You have pushed them to the inner most labyrinths of your memory, into the deepest darkest recesses. You do not want to face them. You KNOW your employer is making profit from the abilities YOU possess. You KNOW your employer makes profit from YOUR efforts. You do not want to face the truth. You do not want to accept the fact. You push it into the backyard of your memories.  You are subjugated and you revel in your freedom. You have found your comfort zone where there is no real comfort.


You can think, you can analyse, you can interpret words, you can gauge the strength of the words by analysing semantics. You are a sales person, you know the art of persuasion. You know how to gauge the moods of the people, You know when a sale becomes effective, you know how to use words to sell your product, you are the master of the art of digression in a conversation to softly drive home your point. You know how to present a product to your advantage in the shortest possible time.

What Are You Doing In the Chair Of An Employee?

With all those abilities, you are letting an employer use you? Why? Because you are docile, because you are the master of self-deception, because you are a conformist. You have let your courage degenerate, you have mastered the art of artful cowardice to fit into the right angle in society. You have sold your individuality to the masses, You searched out for yourself your comfort zone and surrendered your own individual independence.

The Path Of The Rebel : The Other Comfort Zone

Ever thought of putting all your abilities on paper and having a look at them? Did you have a look at the possibilities LocationRebel offers? You are not given a magic formula, You are given a chance to discover your own abilities and to channel them to your profit. Why don’t you discover the power of writing? Reviews? Articles for websites? News releases? Brochures? You have artistic abilities, why not try to see what opportunities you have out there? Searched? The world is milling with smartphones. How about developing apps?  Web solutions? Chris visited every country in the world. why can’t we? Sean gave up his finance job to travel, play golf and earn money by SEO among other things. There is no illusionary comfort zone here, One becomes the master of one’s own destiny. If you have the courage, go ahead and have a look at LocationRebel for yourself.

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Bloody Sleep

I lay my head upon your alabaster breast,
My eyes I closed, my heart needed rest.
The night came in, as I closed my eyes,
And blood spread across the endless skies.

No hugs! The arms were made to kill.
The lips! My blood, they drank their fill.
It was the kiss, the sweet kiss of death.
Betwixt your thighs, the strangulated breath.

That was the orgasm of infernal love.
Fornication in the heavens above.
The lips above and lips below
Both with the devil’s venom glow.

It was in the silence of the clammy night
Where darkness strangulated the light
Where dreams stole the needed peace
And me into a living death did ease

No more do I yearn for that alabaster breast
Cursed is my soul! No more, alas! blest
This will repeat! the dreadful night
A life in darkness, devoid of light

And yet, it will not die, in me the fire
Of the onslaught, I shan’t ever tire
My fire will burn betwixt your thighs
And comets shall blaze across the skies

Your breasts will come alive with the fire of life
And passion will drown the burning strife
Desire will, once again, singe your breath
The orgasm of life, the death of death

The Art of Rebellion – Steely Softness

The Art of Rebellion – Standing Straight

Being docile is appreciated very much and most of the time it is the acceptable form of behaviour set down as the unwritten law. It is the behaviour that everyone is trained in and it is the framework, which we all unrelentingly accept as our inner quality. We learn to agree to almost everything, we become submissive, pliable, soft and easy victims of manipulation. Our protests remain silent ones and we swallow our pride, nurse our wounds and suffer alone. We have been taught to bow down, to accept what has been thrust on our shoulders, to respond in a particular way, to accept what we are handed out and show our gratitude to things, which have not been helpful to us. We have learnt to dance to the tune played to us, move to pre-taught  rhythm and suppress our own wishes and ways of thinking. We have not learnt to stand straight, we have not learnt to stand up and question, to voice our opinions the way we would like to. We have not mastered the art of standing up.


FOR THE LOVE OF MOTION: The Art of Rebellion

The Art of Rebellion. I have named this month, “Rebellious October” – is the month of challenging my identify of self. This is the month for rebelling against the “learned” idea of who I am. what I do, the way I feel comfortable …

Waking Up

Why have we lost the courage to stand up and say NO, when we mean NO? Why are we saying YES, when we would like to shout NO? Why are we not brave enough to refuse something, when we do not like it? Why are we not bold enough to rebel, when we know something goes against our principles. No, I do not mean to declare war on anything, I am simply against being docile all the time. Life is an individual journey and we have, at times, companions and times we have to trudge alone. There are things that we may accept and there are things, which we may refuse and then there are those that we may fully ignore. The process of waking up has to be brought back into the foreground. Only then rebellion becomes metamorphosed into an art. The art of resistance is born only when we are ready to wake up.
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Society is made up of individuals and individuals may be moulded by society, but that is not a MUST. We are all unique, why do we want to lose that quality by being a part of the whole? We can perfectly be the part of the whole without losing our identity. We do not have to be submissive. Hence, you need to look into the mirror, look at yourself, look into yourself and then ask your own heart the question, why you have to put yourself behind and be someone else? Why do you have to sacrifice your dreams? Why can you not chalk out your own path? It is time, you relearned and perfected the art of rebellion.

Self-Inflicted Slavery

You have left behind your resistance, your ability to stand up and assert yourself. An entrepreneur cannot afford to be that way, for, then, he would fail and know no success.You are chained to a job, to a salary that may or may not increase. You are bound to the whims and fancies of your employer, not all are open-minded. Your family is not important to your employer. What counts is only the profit, that show up on the annual balance. Your family has no importance there. The only point in question is, can you bring in the profit or not, and even if you are successful in bringing that profit in, what do you gain? A promotion? A (probable) increment? The former means you will have more chains attached to you and the latter will be the consolation for the former. You accept it and sink deeper into the pit of slavery.

You would like to enjoy a long holiday on a sunny beach and be free from the daily stress. You would like to take a break and indulge in your hobbies? You would like to  hop on a plane and visit a far off land. Can you do all that? No! you need to get your leave sanctioned, permissions need to be in place, someone needs to be assigned your task in your absence. You cannot escape. You cannot even go for a lunch break, when you want to.

Can you blame your employer? You can, but it makes no sense. You know very well, you chose to be in that position, in that predicament. It was your choice. You did not opt to resist the rules. You decided to go along with the flow, You let yourself be carried away, you were too weak to resist and swim against the current. You floated along but forgot to steal the strength of the current and turn it to your own advantage. You forgot to use the art of rebellion.

Entrepreneurship – Rebellion In Its Pristine Form

It does not always have to be a war, a conflict or a storm. Rebellion can be a form of restructuring your environment, of making others revise their thinking. The public will follow a prefabricated path. You wish to be yourself, without isolating yourself. You want to accepted and be part of the social fabric, but you want to be that part in your own way.You will move along with the masses but people will notice the difference, the unique nature of your movement. That is the implementation of the art of rebelling the soft way. Entrepreneurship is only for the bold and we all have boldness in us.

When you looked at yourself in the mirror, you saw your abilities. You only have to decide to use those abilities become your own boss. Work where you want, take a break when you want, travel where you want. You can do that only when you become self-employed. Learn to say NO, when you mean NO and YES when you mean YES, Decide to put that into practice. Nobody can take the decision for you. You have to learn  rebellion.



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Chinese art during the Cultural Revolution: Expressions of rebellion …

Jun 3, 2013 … Their art was a rebellion against “the pattern of brutality, narrow-mindedness, hypocrisy, and irrationality” institutionalised during the Cultural …

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Passion – The Fire That Fuels You

Why Passion?

Before you read the article, watch this video. If this girl can achieve her goal, why can’t YOU achieve yours? This video should awaken the passion for success in you.

 Courtesy: Barcroft TV


The person who stops dreaming has stopped living. The person who has no passion cannot force his dreams to become reality. Fuel is the most important necessary item for fire to burn and without that fuel, the fire will die out. The more the fuel the more the intensity of the fire. The same applies to vehicles. No fuel, no motion. No motion, no progress.A person without dreams is a person who has stopped living and is moving in circle of stagnation.A person who dreams, but has no passion. is sitting on his wealth that brings him no good.


Courtesy : semjase76


We have been given the power of thought, of analysis, of objectivity, of dreams.Thoughts are the roots of action, but also of dreams. We can analyse situations, view mentally the pros and cons, we can evaluate an idea, a hypothesis. We can translate into reality an idea that has been thought out even partially. We have also been given the ability to dream, to visualise and to create a mental reality of what we like and what we love. We can dream the minutest of the details of what we love. We can add, subtract or multiply items. We can make the dreams more interesting. We have been given the power to phantasise, to create in our vast endless mental sphere a beautiful world of what we like and love. The journey into this dream and through this dream is endless and we can keep on extending the journey. We can dream of it as we walk, as we jog and as we sleep and as we lie awake in bed. As the days go by, we can build the dream from the foundation upwards, the beautiful superstructure and the final crowning.


However, dreaming alone does not help us fully. We need to translate dreams into reality. We need to force the mind to work the way we want it to, which means we need to steer it to the path we want it to go. The only way to do it to force it, suggest it, coax it, cajole, suggest it and help it by visualising. All these activities can work only by injecting passion into the process.

Not Just Passion Alone But Clarity In Focus

Too many points to focus mean distraction and energy spread out and dissipated. The vision is to be pointed, the goal is to be in focus, the periphery should not be forgotten, but the focus has to be very clearly defined. We must tell ourselves what we need to achieve. You have a desire to improve your writing. Focus your mind on writing, the subsidiary points that will help you improve that will fall into place. You need to improve your diction, your grammar, you need to improve your vocabulary, your choice of synonyms and antonyms. You need to learn to talk to yourself and act as the listener, you need to know the way the words are to be placed and all the time your mind is focussed very clearly on ONE thing : your goal.


Jackie Lithgow: A story of hope and determination

With an indomitable spirit, he has begun comprehensive rehabilitation at Penn State Hershey Rehabilitation Hospital, traveling three times a week from his Boiling Springs home with mom and dad to push his body, mind and determination progressively …

Fusing Clarity And Zest Into A Powerhouse

You mind is focussed, your goal is clearly etched into you mind. You breath your wish, you live your wish, your thoughts are focussed on what you want to achieve, every moment of your day is filled with your goal and your mind slowly gets directed to the possibilities out there. You are automatically led to the people whose way of thinking will help you enrich your thoughts, give you motivation, subtle messages to help you reformulate your thinking. Your choice of words in conversation changes, your eyes automatically search out books that will help you, you find the websites because your search phrases are influenced by your way of thinking which is slowly undergoing a metamorphosis. Your concentrated visualisation is being injected into your thoughts, your actions, your words and conversation. Your ears have become selective, your intellect is motivated to choose, filter and adapt what it perceives. Without this determination you will not be able to achieve the full result.

Determination pays off for Danby mom

It was not without struggles and setbacks, but in the end determination got Vanessa Adams to where she is today, a 38-year-old single mother about to graduate with a degree in Business Administration from Ithaca College. After graduating with honors

Conclusion – Dreams Turning Into Reality

The passion, which you injected into your dreams flows unhindered into your mental and intellectual functioning. Your whole being gets transformed into a powerhouse of progress. There is no miracle happening. You are using your own inborn abilities to convert your dream into reality.Your determination helped you focus and it guided you to your goal.





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Quotes About Determination (543 quotes) – Goodreads

543 quotes have been tagged as determination: Maya Angelou: ‘Courage is the most important of all the virtues because without courage, you can’t practice…







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Keep The Focus – Keeping The Course

Keep The Focus

Years of trials and tribulation taught me a very important truth: keep calm and maintain objectivity. Keep the focus was the silent command that always kept repeating itself in the background. All my energy was spent in maintaining an inner balance. Trying to remain sane was not easy but necessary. Failure after failure was  sapping my strength and I kept up the tight rope walk as best as I could. The focus was mainly on the balance and hence, there was more stagnation than progress.

Stagnation – Result of Fear

'Fear' from 'The Expression of Emotions in Man and Animals' London 1872.  Charles Darwin (1809-1882)

We remain in the same square but we think we are moving forward. This illusion needs to be broken in order to move forward. We are afraid of changes and this leads us to remain in the framework we place ourselves in. Moving out of the framework will make us insecure, so we think and remain imprisoned in the illusion we have created for ourselves. Our focus is on our apparently secure position. The employment brings regular income and we feel secure. We do not want to change. So we remain in the same old place, with the same old thinking, with the same old values and every once in a while we venture to dream a bit. However, we are afraid that any change will shatter the perfect frame. Result is stagnation. We think we focus well, but in fact our eyes are dazed.

The Thunderbolt Strikes

keep the focusCourtesy: Richard Giles

The newspapers bring the first news. The figures are disappointing , the demand is going down etc and as you read, your fears are waking up, you feel discomfort building up. Your employer brings out the annual report and you read the negative words and you feel the knot in your stomach tightening. Redundancy is looming but you do not know whether you will be one of the victims. Many other fears raise their unholy heads. Your income is in danger, your mortgage is in danger, your newly bought house is, all of a sudden, on a wobbly foundation. You scour the newspapers for possible jobs.


Time To Fight , Not to Fall

There are times, when we need to be in the defensive. It does not mean we are losing but we are gaining time to gather energy. We find ourselves far too much in the defensive role, when it comes to earning our livelihood. We are afraid to move forward, to take the bold step and change the course. We are afraid to leave the trodden path and strike out a new one. This is the time to stop and think. If the road hitherto has not brought us to anything positive, what is the meaning in following it? Why continue travelling the same path? However, there is one point that we are missing here.  One important question is to be asked. Honesty to one’s own self is very important. It may be embarrassing but it must be asked. What is it that is stopping us from striking out a new path? Why are we not ready to change our course? The questions have only one honest answer. We have to race it. Resistance. We are resistant to change, to any form of change and the result we stagnate, we procrastinate, we postpone, we walk around, we find excuses. We are submitting ourselves to one of the worst enemies, namely resistance.


The War – Gaining Focus

keep the focus

We are masters of excuses. We are all courageous in many things but we utterly fail to look at ourselves, when it comes to resistance.  We need to shift our focus to a completely different area, that is, not excuses but to uproot the evil that is chaining us. We are afraid of unemployment, of losing our income, of  losing the apparently secure framework in which we are comfortable. We ignore the risks of the employment market, we ignore the fact that the employers have an unimaginably vast power over our life, we ignore the truth that we could be made redundant any moment and that we have no power to fight against it, let alone means. You are powerless. So you thought. Stop! Think again. Gain focus.

The employer profited from your abilities. How about you? You know your abilities and talents were turned into money but you saw nothing of it in your salary. Your employer proudly announces his annual report and praises you for your efforts. The praises are not going to show on your bank balance. Your abilities: That is the key phrase for you. It is your time to declare war. But on whom? On your employer? No, on YOU. You have to focus on yourself, on your abilities, on your talents but also on your weaknesses. Turn your weaknesses into strength. However, before you do that you need to first wage a war against your prime enemy. He is not your employer, not your neighbour, not the competitor. Your enemy is within you. He goes by the simple name of RESISTANCE.


Conclusion: Keep The Focus


In order to keep the course, you need to keep the focus and to do that you need to overcome the enemy called resistance. It is not a wise decision to invent the wheel. Think about your abilities, write a list, write down your weaknesses, too, note down what you WISH to do and HOW, research your possibilities and before doing anything else further, read this tiny book.  The War of Art: Break Through the Blocks and Win Your Inner Creative Battles . I am grateful for having read it and I shall keep on reading it. After having read the book, you should take the decision to keep the focus on your goal to overcome resistance.

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In Search Of Happiness

The rebellious tiger has a soft side, as well. The philosophical, the spiritual. True, I travel my path alone. A loner on a lonesome journey.

The drowsy moon  glides across the sky
The silken clouds swim in eloquent silence
The steaming tea awaits the poet


The eternal search for happiness. The eternal suffering of ending suffering.

“Brushing my teeth and rinsing my mouth,
I vow to speak purely and lovingly.
When my mouth is fragrant with right speech,
a flower blooms in the garden of my heart.” — Thich Nhat Hanh