The Letterbox

Silent Songs

Autumn had arrived and everything was shrouded in a bleak shade of miserable grey. The skies looked sad and lost, and resembled a vast old tattered sheet of soiled cotton. An occasional flurry of wind lifted the drowsy listless leaves on the trees. Yellow and red leaves littered the streets reminding everyone that autumn had arrived.

The jackets were out again. Passersby wore hats and mufflers protected them from the winds. Hanging heads, unsmiling faces were all around. A mournful cloud hung low over the entire place.

An ambulance raced past, lights flashing and the sirens shattering the fragile silence that lay like an enormous film over the village. Someone was struggling to keep his physical frame alive. The last tangible connection to a tangible but inexplicable world. Either he would survive the struggle and manage to live on in an unkind world or he would leave behind an inanimate…

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