Reverie of a soul in Agony

Holding her as I would a slender stem of jasmine in my arms,
I shall partake of the milky wine that flows from the goblet of the skies
Do I really care for the vagaries of this futile world full of follies
For I shall sink in stupor upon her alabaster breast to dream
And erotic stars of my intoxicated realm will gush forth in flood
As poems that will carry away the ugly face of the human world

I went by the rules and followed umpteen regulations
Qualities, they told me, to hold my head high and erect
Behind the screen of the infernal night, the elevated ones
Fornicated! The world did not see, for the darkness helped.
Those that stepped back and maintained decorum well,
Suffered the rod on the back and hot iron to the face
The silent secret orgasms of the pristine souls
The execution of the principled that followed the rules

Mine eyes I close and my spine hugs the patient earth.
Pour into me the potion of exuberant intoxication
To drown my racing mind in the ocean of oblivion
Let the orgasm of slumber descend into the turbulent depths
Of my tortured soul and I shall flee this foible from hence in haste
The rape of a tortured intellect! Thoughts squirting steaming blood
Kindness that was strung up the gallows, with laughter as music
The putrid remains of the massive carcass of society decomposing
Upon the amphitheatre of a futile world! Honoured by time

Pour into me in copious streams the exotic wine of death
That will still keep my crumbling futile frame alive
I lived breathing the air poisoned by heinous souls
Ah! my loins stir with fire of a million volcanoes
Waiting to flood the accursed universe, in wrath,
With the fiery lava, carrying the stench of my unbridled love
My seething hate singeing the charred fibres of my pounding heart
Throbbing in the hidden depths of my tortured soul
A strangulated spasm and scream suspended in space
From the monumental gallows of a despicable world
My death shall shake the iron heart of the sanguine earth
My ghost shall walk abroad, haunting the world lost in sleep
Ripping their heart in a bloody mess with a roaring laughter
That will crush its soul, but delivering no death

Pour into my waiting mouth the potion of burning intoxication
And I shall pass from this cesspool of the devil’s heaven
Let me lay my tired head upon your voluptuous breasts
And close my swollen eyes as your charming eyes of the blackest pearls
Pour into my fatigued soul the viscous potion of vicious death.
But die I shall not, I will not, survive I shall the kiss of murder
Your annihilating embrace I shall metamorphose with a smile
Into a never ending coitus and your everlasting orgasm of pain
That will echo in the deepest chambers of a million hells

© The Rebel 07.11.2014


3 thoughts on “Reverie of a soul in Agony

  1. A powerful poem, Suren.

    I love these lines:
    Holding her as I would a slender stem of jasmine /
    My spine hugs the patient earth/
    Kindness that was strung up the gallows, with laughter as music

    Liked by 1 person

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