Yesterday Today

To understand the lines below please read Bianca’s lovely poem Yesterday

The rising waters of maturity have gently and consistently smoothened
The jagged edges of rocks once carved by youth’s enslavement
Is now the will to rebel, to oppose, to fight in some way hardened?
Or is it now, in an advanced stage of resignation, an inner retirement?

The words still carry the chill of the ice and the singeing heat
The outer trembling calm betrays not the turbulence beneath
And yet, in the the subtle cracks that stain the words, I hear the beat
Of the trestless sword still hissing with life within a sheath

Would you now uproot every weed of injustice, would you?
The fingers twitch, the eyes aflame, yes, the will is there
The youth, indeed, was an altered concept, yesterday, true!
The yesterdays are not gone, even today, they the old fire share!

Have you forgotten yourself in yesterday? a rueful little thought,
That betrayed, ever so gently, the tears against which you fought?

© The Rebel 06.11.2014


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