The Generation of Wretches

In all besides I give my wrath free scope.
Make your escape from this captivity,
Be bold to bear me company in flight;

Linger not here on this accursed soil,
Where virtue breathes a pestilential air.

–Hyppolytus in Phaedra by Jean Baptiste Racine

We are a generation of wretches! Miserable wretches? We wallow in materialism and complain that happiness evades us. We forget that we are the ones that are evading happiness. We forget that it our disgusting excessive materialism that is keeping happiness from us.

We are a generation of wretches because we have made our lives miserable and we have made the world miserable. Our materialism has become a threat to other species, as well.

The fettered human soul churning in the cesspool of materialism ejaculates, “Evolution, progress” ! The frightening fecundity of a tortured soul that does not see the chains that bind it, the barbs of which are sinking mercilessly into his tortured soul.

The Eyes, blinded by the glitter of the metal that cannot feed his starving soul, search for more of the same and the person is happy to find it, little knowing that there is no happiness to be found outside of his own self.

We have stopped respecting the earth that gives us the food, which keeps this body together. We are happy to buy the colourful poisons lined out on the shelves of the supermarkets. We are happy to pay the gods in white to treat us for a myriad number of diseases. We keep and nurture animals to slaughter later, cook and eat. We have time for the idiot box called television, we have time for the bars and clubs and hours of work helping the corporate identities to make money and we are happy to stuff our poor bellies with loads of junk food.We are ready to lie in hospitals, the houses of mercy, and writhe in pain and die after being pumped with a load of morphine or other pain killers. We call ourselves evolved! When the tiger kills, we call it macabre and when we kill, it is named nutrition.

We are proud to preach in profound words the philosophies that have decorated the shelves of the houses of learning, which have prostituted education and sit gleefully counting the money flowing in as profits. We are proud to celebrate the umpteen fasts as we swallow bottle after bottle of the praised liquid, which in its eternal mercy sends our fetid intellect to sleep.

We throw out millions of tons of food, even as the millions in our famished world starve. We have built high walls of protectionism and a thick foliage of thick bush called racism. We steal from them their natural resources and then hand out loans to them, which they will never be able to pay back. We then decorate ourselves with laurels, by writing off the loans.

We let the starving masses of Ethiopia cultivate cotton, because they were; if my memory is not wrong; as per the world bank, statistically not entitled to a loan. As the international market for cotton crashed, due to the huge subsidies in the so called developed world, the poor starving masses of Ethiopians sat on beautiful bales of cotton with blazing fires in their stomachs. The world looked on and praised the economic development of the rich nations, as the degenerate human beings in the underdeveloped countries starved and perished, pleading for the mercy that they were never going to get.

A few years back, the US dumped tons of milk powder into the sea, because the expiry date was past. As the milk powder beautified the endless brine, painful death sweetened the suffering masses of the starving word. Millions of tons of food is thrown out in the developed countries of Europe in compliance with legislation. Legislation that lets a part of the human race be fed on the poisons of modern industry and other part to starve and perish.

The religious head of a religion preaching love and mercy sits in a palace enjoying the luxury; morally prohibited to the seekers of god; and prays to an unheeding divinity to feed the hungry of the world, whilst sending out missionaries to put bread into the mouths of the vandalised human skeletons in return for converting into a foreign faith by betraying their own culture. The vanity of a servant of luxury praying for the salvation of the starving, who have only the luxury of hunger as their sole wealth.

Politicians of the world sit in flamboyant halls and discuss as the murderers go on a rampage in a part of the world, raping, beheading and annihilating the miserable souls, who, according to these beasts, profess the wrong faith.

We have become a world of heartless, cunning, naïve, despicable cowards. We have the audacity to preach philosophy as our brethren starve and die of diseases. We have the impudence to talk about economic progress by robbing the Africans of their diamonds and then promising them monetary help from the world bank. Our politicians have the insolence to go on a spree of fornication at the expense of the public exchequer.

We have bribed the farmer to sell his soul, buy pesticides and then feed us with the pestilence so that the industrial giants can survive with a smile, by perpetrating this unforgivable genocide permitted by the honourable house of justice and the governments elected to protect the human race.

We are holding the human race to ransom with atomic power. We are the idiots that have been convinced by our own miserable selves to believe that atomic energy is cheap. The macabre joke is that we forgot the enormous amount of money being spent of storing the atomic waste. We are intelligent enough to be willingly raped, over and over again.

We need to poison the environment to satisfy our lust for luxury and then we have the impudence to shout against pollution. We have banned the birds from our trees. We have killed their biological clocks. We have become merciful, by feeding the geese and turkey with loving eyes. These poor birds are mercilessly butchered to feed the ravenous paunches of the rich bipeds.

Our loins have become powerless to produce humans that preach humanity. We have willingly become the prostitutes for those in power to rape us over and over and again. We have none but ourselves to blame for this debauchery and despicable festival fornication that keeps the world of degenerate bipeds alive to procreate another generation of wretches.

What a wonderful world!


© The Rebel 05.11.2014


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