Which English

Silent Songs

Which English is correct? British or American or Australian or Canadian or South African?

As a member of the Queen’s English Society, I do not use slang. Nor do I use Americanisms. I keep to standard British English. I spell colour with a u and I differentiate between practise and practice. I say | təˈmɑːtəʊ | and not | təˈmeɪˌtoʊ |

There is no correct English, there is only a variety of the language. Each variety is different, has its own way of being spoken. British English is native to Britain and American English to America. Yet, again, there are the regional accents and dialects. One could say RP is the “standard” language. However, according the Prof. David Crystal, only 2% of Great Britain speak this accent.
One cannot refute the claim that RP is changing as well. In America, the Texan accent is not the same as the one…

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