The Rape of Human Dignity

We need a car, a big refrigerator, a big air conditioner, a huge bedroom, a huge kitchen, a big sofa, a big dining table, an expensive carpet, an expensive bicycle and the list goes on and on.

We work 8 hours a day and then on top of it we do overtime, to earn more and more, to spend a week of holiday in a far off land. The holiday itself becomes a power pack, a rush from A to B and then to C and then D, A taxi here, a bus there, then a train, or a flight.

A bespoke suit is a must and so is a pair of shoes. Of course, the tie must be most expensive. The cosmetics, too, must come from the most famous manufacturers ever. At the end of the month one is shocked by how much is left on the account.

Where are we heading for. The big companies get richer and richer and with that a few individuals become millionaires. The poorer people on the earth slip further down the scale.

Millions of humans are starving while others drive by in cars killing the only planet we have to live on. However, the scientists are busy spending the taxpayers money in trying to find out of Mars is inhabitable, or if there is another planet, where the human race could survive.

We are willing to slave for a few companies, so that we can buy processed food full of chemicals. We do not have the time to have a kitchen garden. We have no time for the family. We have no time for the children. However, we have time for shopping online and offline.

We are willing to sit in a train with our ears sealed and listen to intimidating sounds and thereby ignoring the human company sitting next to us. We are will to sit in a crowd typing away text messages, but our tongues are powerless to communicate with fellow humans sitting only a few centimetres from us,

We have willingly put to sleep our intellectual powers and let big industry houses to define our way of living. We cannot differentiate between our needs and wants.

We have come to a stage where men and women have to buy inflatable dolls to satiate their sexual hunger, men have begun to have eGirlfriend; an animated feminine character on an electronic device.

We cannot enjoy human company, we need drugs to go high. We cannot buy organic vegetables, because we do not earn enough. The governments do not support organic farming. The subsidies are eaten by the conventional farmers and we are the idiots that are called upon to keep the medical profession alive. We have doctors that sell us medicines because they get commissions from the pharmaceutical giants. Human paid to kill humans!

Companies like Monsanto are allowed to survive. The same company that produced Agent orange used in the Vietnam war is selling chemicals that are injected into cows, so that they can produce more milk. We do not want to hear that these poor animals suffer extreme cases of mastitis.

The sight of decaying bones is disgusting, but we have no complaint against swallowing despicable gelatine. We have no kindness towards the poor turkey, that is fed on chemical to become so fat that it cannot even stand.
We want to eat less fat, but cannot go without the french fries. We happily swallow the innocent potato coated with olestra. Nobody told us that olestra removes carotenoids from our food. Carotenoids are agents that help us maintain our health by keeping cancer away.

Americans, listen, did you know that 40% of the antibiotics sold in the US is for agricultural use? Do not believe me.
Go on, enjoy your chicken pumped with fluroquinolones. Never heard of that? I, too, was ignorant of this. Not a surprise. Education comes at a price and we are being educated, now, on our ignorance. If you are eating chicken, you are probably happily eating fluroquinolones. Do not believe me. Go to the above link and enjoy reading the facts. And if you have been prescribed that antibiotic by a doctor, educate yourself here

The vegetable are contaminated with antibiotics. We are willing to eat all that poison, become resistant, get ill and help the pharmaceutical companies and corrupt doctors to live.

We have sold ourselves to the industry. We are slaves by our own choice. We have nobody to blame. We need to carry our own despicable crown of shame on our own heads. We elected people to rule us. These people along with the industry that is financing them have become our own executioners. Feeling disgusted, insulted, robbed, cheated, beaten? Go on, smile as the slow guillotine slowly severs our dishonourable necks.

(The word fornication is used here in a different sense. A slight deviation from the original)

© The Rebel 02.11.2014


2 thoughts on “The Rape of Human Dignity

  1. All of the information that we could ever want to know about cruelty in food production (factory farming, fish farming, insecticides, pesticides etc.) is widely available on the web.
    Unfortunately, people don’t want to know until they are directly affected by these things. Eating ethically and putting an end to animal cruelty is not a top priority for most people. This insatiable demand is what keeps the supply chain in business. It’s incredible to think that we (the people) have the power to end it all. Unfortunately, we the people are also selfish and stupid much of the time, so it’s unlikely to happen without an impetus of some sort.
    I could go on and on, much like you. It’s very frustrating indeed!

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