The Prostitution of Education

Acquiring knowledge has a price tag. Universities are, primarily, commercial companies and secondarily units that disseminate knowledge. Candidates are being trained in skills. Skills that will generate an endless profit for other commercial setups. Education was necessary for financial success and now financial success is the lifeblood that keeps the universities alive.

Learning and acquiring knowledge is a long process. Setting up a scale by which all are measured is preposterous. Each person learns, retains and recollects in a different way. Each person has a different approach to learning. Each person has an individual approach to recollecting what he has learnt.

A person may be auditory, or visual or both and the motivation for learning may vary from person to person. Some learn solely for the purpose of acquiring a skill. Learning is left to the individual but the teaching or the dissemination of knowledge has been given a mass definition. It is yoked to preset principle.

Gold as an ore is of no consequence unless it is processed to form the metal we know today. We have forgotten that a learner is the ore that needs to be polished. Each learner is different and this variety needs to be taken into consideration, when it comes to the implementation of knowledge.

We have come to a point where a person is only required to learn skills that will keep industry alive. The human soul is not important in the world of material success.

We all need to work for a living. However, looking at the modern society, the question is, are we living at all? We used to say, work to live, but now we are living to work. It is an illness that is plaguing the society for a long long time.

The industry has succeeded in redefining our needs. As the salary levels increased, we have also seen that our needs grew with the monetary growth. The result is that we have started defining our happiness with having or not having items or objects. We see our happiness in objects. Hence, education has been modified to produce, process and propagate profits and materialistic wellbeing.

Education is a commodity. It needs to be bought and only those that can afford can buy it. Educational institutions have become production centres that need to churn out biped tools. Bipeds that have been programmed to think and act in a predefined way.

Only the financially capable have the chance to get an education. Those that do not have the “buck” are patronised, supported and then made into slaves who will need a lifetime to pay back the loans.

There is no doubt that, today, money rules the world. However, why do we blame money. We are just cowards to accept the fact that money was made by us and we are letting our creating rule us. We have become slaves to our own progeny. We have proved ourselves miserably incapable of keeping our own progeny under control. We have become slaves to our own offspring and we have reduced ourselves to the low level of finding excuses after excuses to defend our own failing.

Circumstances in life can prevent people from continuing their education and when they have a chance to go for it, the first of the hurdles are put in place. Basic qualification! In opinion the basic qualification for a continuing education is the willingness to work for it. It is the duty of the aspirant to acquire, process, retain and implement the knowledge he is seeking.

Education was meant to enrich us with knowledge and knowledge was meant to foster our understanding of humanity and the universe. It was, hence, meant to give us happiness, harmony and a beautiful life. We have managed to sink everything into the cesspool of money, profit and dividends. When the whole monstrous creation of ours comes crashing on to our miserable heads and our soul is crushed under the massive annihilating weight of it, we run to find our long lost peace in spirituality. Alas! We have even managed to change spirituality into a profit making business venture.

The barbaric truth, today, is that teachers are one of the lowest paid “creatures” in our society. That explains how low the bipeds called Homo sapiens have come down on the ladder of evolution. We are back to the apes or even worse.

© The Rebel 02.11.2014


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