Open Source: A full office, not an empty purse

Silent Songs

Still hanging on to Windows Office programs? Then you cannot blame anybody else other than yourself for losing money. Many out there are still caught in stagnation. The world has been changing but some of the people living in it have resigned themselves to losing money, because they are afraid to change.

Change is the only permanent factor in an ever changing universe. Gone are the days, when MS Office products were the only dominant ones on the market. If you have not opened your eyes and see what is happening out there, you are really losing out on interesting things.

You need to dive into the vast endless ocean called internet. Still using Internet Explorer?! Gosh! Haven’t discovered the marvellous world of Firefox? If you haven’t yet, you better go hunting for the fox, now. You will be rewarded with some of the best surfing pleasures ever. A world…

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