Chemicals in Food: Phytoestrogens

Silent Songs


Standard of living has improved, or so we say. We have made a lot of progress in the field of medicine. We are also witnessing an increased amount of illnesses. Cancer has invaded our society with a vengeance. Salaries have increased and we are paying lesser attention to the food that we eat. Processed food is here to stay and not many people pay attention to the contents of those packages containing apparently delicious edible items.

Additives, preservatives, colouring agents etc are all there in plenty and we are paying with our health. Most of the food is full of chemicals in all sorts of forms with or without aroma, with or without colour. Have we become willing guinea pigs for an exploiting industry? We are being poisoned for the profit of a few.

What is Phytoestrogen

Phytoestrogens are compounds derived from plants and as such is a natural product…

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