Regrets have I none and my head I shan’t bow.
Arrogance! You might say. You may, certainly, opine
Inconsequent it is to me and so will it remain.
Beyond the field of your vision, my world stretches,
Far and wide, with colours unknown to your perception.
I tread my path. The music is mine, the rhythm, as well.
The clouds and the sun, the rain and summer. All come and go.
My vision isn’t blurred, my strength is not gone.



Looking Into The Abyss

The astonishment frozen into your motionless  face
The eyes wide open, irises stuck in the middle
The heartbeats, rough bubbles of frozen lead
Sinking deep into the cold silent abdomen

You witness in my dark cold eerie abyss
The ageless mountains of  lifeless throbbing ice
That freeze the fire into long streaks of orange
In the midst of the heavy bluish hanging mist
You see the mirror reflect your horror stricken face

Facing the truth that digs its convoluted claws
Into the  cringing tense fibres of your palpitating heart
Pulling at your hanging eyes, and your throbbing lips
You feel the razored tentacles of a screaming storm
Lash and wrap around your trembling form

Your pelvis crushed under the grinding weight
Your ribs cracking, crunching , tearing deeper
Into the heaving breast! The soul in spasms!
The head swimming in a pool of clammy broth

The orgasms of life have collapsed into silent death
The eyes look up at the mournful stars on a breathless sky
All is silent, empty. The storm has passed. The curtains drawn

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